This is the dawning of a new day…where you will find God.

This is the post excerpt.

I and Thou Reflections Blog

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Thanks for visiting the I and Thou Reflections Blog!

This is where you will find messages inspired by God for you. Go ahead and browse the archives. You will find inspirational words of wisdom from a mother’s heart.

Attitude | Belonging | Change | Children | Faith | Estrangement | Gifts & Talents | Hope | Joy | Light | Love | New Beginnings | Peace | Perspective | Purge | Self | Spirit | Traditions | Wisdom

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Jill’s Journey

Reflections on Love, Travel, Marriage & Separation

a 220-page book trekking with Jill and meeting angels along the way.

…Reflections on God, Scripture, & Human Relationships

This series of 10 short books is a cross between a self-help and a daily devotional on sacred traits related to relationships.

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