I and Thou Reflection – New Thinking


It’s hard for you to stop your busy life to listen to God. God wants you to keep trying and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t. Keep your eyes and ears on God. Listen carefully and God will speak so you can listen. He wants you to concentrate on living in the present. In all you do give thanks. Give thanks that you are learning great lessons for life. This year especially is going to be about change.  Don’t ask questions – trust God…

God knows you are not feeling well.  Trust God to heal you.  God is the healer – nothing is too large or too small for Him. Enter into His presence and experience love, grace and truth. Splendor is the word God chooses to describe eternal life. You will have perfect teeth and a perfect body that has no aches or pains. Your mind will think clearly and not have pain or pressure from life’s ills; you my dear need to change your thinking. Yes, God wants you to continue to be honest – work hard and do what you need to do – but don’t make it make you sick.  You have worked very hard the past few years – so keep that in mind when you force yourself to take breaks at work.  Breaks are good.  Trust God on this. Test God. God is truth and He is faithful – Now get on with your day with a new type of thinking.

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