I and Thou Reflection – Transformational Talents

Blog_Pic3Stop answering phone calls when you have been prompted to listen to God. Life can wait. You can stop and you can take time to be quiet; only when you are quiet and still you can listen. You can learn from the people in your life. Some have the gift of listening coupled with a gentle, quiet sprit.

God is proud of how you are working through what you need to work through.  This is the year for you to bite the bullet and free yourself from all the pains of debt. God has heard your cries and He knows you have struggled with completely trusting in Him. He knows your heart and He knows that you have walked with Him through the pain. In all of your struggles, you need to think of how God can help you with your finances. Continue to give – don’t be so stingy. For all the money you give – you will get back in other ways. Trust God on that one. You will be financially secure soon. Let’s work together and rid these debts one by one. Let God take care of the “rights” and “wrongs”. Don’t waste another minute of your precious time worrying about these debts. They are God’s and He has already paid them.

God wants you to be free to spend time on pursuing your talents. It is your talents that will transform people’s thinking. You are meant to shine – to share God’s love to the world. Life isn’t easy – yet some of life’s lessons are so simple. Like the words God said about husbands and wives. Spouses need to love each other. And, God is sorry that some spouses can’t seem to figure out how to do that.  Some of those spouses will eventually find their way. You may never hear a spouses regrets – God is sorry you were mistreated and disrespected. Someday your children will realize that you had the strength and courage to leave a marriage that was empty; empty of love, empty of intimacy.  God created marriage for intimacy. He created marriage so two people can come together and be vulnerable with each other. This vulnerability opens your hearts to God’s presence.

Marriage is in a state of current flux. Too many couples are divorcing because they don’t follow the simple instruction of marrying someone of similar faith. Faith is the cornerstone of marriage, relationships and life in general. Faith brings hope and hope brings fresh love for each new day. Love grows. It is not stagnant. It is positive – it is not negative. Love is a team – it is not single thinking. Relationships that rely on God’s guidance are the one’s that will prosper and succeed. We all need to transform our thinking from selfishness to selflessness. Just as God places you in high regard – you need to place all the people you love in high regard – this will allow you to see people the way God see’s them. God created people to commune with Himself and each other.  He created people out of love for one another. Don’t underestimate the power of love. It can really supersede all other emotions. Very similar to the love you have for your children; the deep loving human bond of parent and child.

Keep feeling positive and full of hope. This is the year to rid yourself of guilt – put your old way of thinking away – bury it – and create a new way of thinking. A higher way of thinking – this is what is meant of “to be Christ-like”. Enter into the realm of God’s presence – a place of love and openness; a place where life’s difficulties are handed over to God; a place where you can feel free and light. There is no need to carry the baggage any longer. Your past is your past. You will learn and grow more. Look toward the future with great anticipation; for God is there for you – waiting for you to meet Him. In the depth of your soul is where God lives so tap into that life force for wisdom. Be open to God’s presence and continue to use your talents  – for God has shared them only with you – lay your life down and see where it will go.



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