I and Thou Reflections – Commune with God in Joy and Sorrow and Everything In-Between

Prayer:  I know you are not a God of chaos. Help me remain calm and full of your peace. It is challenging to remain calm in the middle of a storm. Yet, I remember how the disciples were worried and had fear in the middle of the storm in the middle of ferocious water. You calmed the sea. You brought peace and calmness to a stormy situation. Now, I ask that you bring me peace and joy that comes from knowing you and hearing your voice. I feel so blessed to hear your voice and have you walk with me through life. You are my constant companion; one that never leaves nor forsakes. I thank you for being the God of the universe and the God of my heart – the God I call friend.

Listen quietly as God tells you to continue to trust Him and make Him your priority. Work is good to have. SomethinBlog_Pic5g to do to earn a living; however, real peace and real satisfaction comes from trusting and walking with God, day by day.  God is there for you to depend on.  Where ever you are, God is there.  God has never left nor has He forsaken you. Although you may have thought that from time to time, it is not true. God has been here right beside you through the good and through the bad. God has helped you when you have asked for His help. God has not ignored you when you have ignored Him. God waits patiently each day to answer your questions and to have a quiet time with you. Many people ask God to help them in time of crisis. God invites you to seek Him out in times of love, joy and peace – just to commune with Him each day. God dwells within. To dwell within all people who hear His voice.   Listen.  Can you hear it?



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