I and Thou Reflections – Let God Navigate Today

Blog_Pic6You are a busy person. You really can’t sit still can you? You rise in the morning and make breakfast and make tonight’s meal. Then, you go online to check all of your emails. Then, you stumble to grab a cup of coffee and then decide to still your heart and your mind to commune with God, even if it is after your morning routine. God thanks you for taking time to listen.  To trust. And, to embrace.  To feel loved.  Comforted. God wants you to continue seeking His will because He will direct your ways. Let Him control your life. God may send you to faraway places and let your love shine through to people who need a warm smiling trusting face. That is you. Someone whom God has molded. Someone who seeks His face. His direction. His wisdom. You are ready now to embark on a journey. A journey to an unknown place. It could be down the street – it could be around the corner or it could be in another country. Wherever God takes you – you know that you will go. So, be open to God’s direction and keep all of your options open. God will put the pieces of the puzzle together for you so you need not have to worry or stress about what comes next. Listen quietly and God will direct you. It is challenging to close your mind off from the sounds of life; the airplane in the sky above, a car driving down the street, someone blowing their horn, the birds chirping their songs. There are a lot of distractions – but there is also the promise; the promise of God’s love through these sounds. God loves all the people in the airplanes that fly in the sky. God loves the driver of the car that is blowing the horn and God created every single bird in the universe to sing sweet songs so all people can enjoy listening to them. You see, when you pay attention to the details you will see extraordinary evidence of God’s love; God’s love for everything that He created.  God created all of these wonderful things for you to enjoy. That is part of the abundant living that your hear about. Except God’s doesn’t really involve financial matters. God’s treasure for you is love. It is the love that surrounds you in this universe – the love that walks by each and every day; the eyes that look or glance swiftly at you; the smiles that people make. All of these wonderful expressions are expressions of God’s love.  Think of this love today. Everywhere you go, see life through God’s eyes.  See the depth of God’s love in all creation. Pay attention to the destruction that humankind has done to earth.  Feel deeply the pain that God feels when He sees the children who aren’t being taken care of, or the homeless person that just doesn’t get a break, or the woman that looks rich on the outside yet burns with pain of loneliness on the inside. You, have been created for many purposes. One of which is your warm smile.  Lovingly smile at every person you see today.  Do this with reverence to God. This will be your prayer to God today. Look each person in the eyes warmly and deeply and see where that will take you today.  Remember to be patient in all you do and say today. Now, go get dressed and get on with your day.  God will bless you if you allow it.

[Today, I feel the presence of God speaking to me about God’s authority.  Presence.  Being.  Spiritual Guide.  Director.  To use personal pronouns of He/She does not capture the Spirit of God.  As in the Gospel of John, ….”1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.”  Here, we see God is Word both literally and figuratively.  How do you address this?]

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