I and Thou Reflections – God Adores You

Blog_Pic7God really needs you to focus on Him.   Once you lose your focus, it is hard for you to accomplish all God has planned for you. Your head is spinning; yet God promises to take care of you.  God will meet all of your needs. Trust God. God knows you find it hard to trust. Most people do. God knows you are uniquely designed.  You have a great deal of love in your heart and you accept people as they are. You need to continue accepting and loving people; even if they annoy you. God’s love needs to shine through you – so you need to start thinking like Him.

Prepare yourself for new opportunities. God will be here to hear you.  God will be here to guide you. Your job right now is to take each day as it comes.

God appreciates you  quieting yourself so you can hear Him. Once you get the hang of this, it will be more simple.  God is glad  you are resting in Him.  It is hard for people to rest in God. People are on the go with lots of places to be. Even though God can read your mind – God want you to seek Him out. You need to humble yourself and ask for forgiveness when you do wrong. And, ask for healing when you feel ill.

God remembers the details. He can remember everything. Nothing escapes Him. He has the power to forgive and forget all that is evil. Are you burning with lust or are you burning with love? Do you think God really cares about the difference? The one thing about marriage is – it is a covenant. It is an agreement that you have made with another person in the presence of God. It is a very serious promise. And, God knows you tried as best as you could to preserve your marriage. You tried counseling and books, and all types of words and actions; yet nothing was good enough to change a hard heart.   God wants for you to do what is right. God will reveal to you what He wants you to do. God specializes in dreams you know.  His dream for you right now is to have peace and joy in your heart. Stay quiet so God can send you peace and joy;  love that radiates through your whole body. A love that cleanses the pain; the pain from the unknown. The pain from the future; the pain from the present and the pain from the past. Bow your heard in reverence and pray for your children. Pray for all the children of the world. Think more globally. Think of a worldly cause and pay more attention to the global economy. There is a huge world out there and God wants you to start tasting it piece by piece. Let God nurture you. Let God love you. Let God adore you for you. God loves and accepts you for who you are who you were and who you will become. God will provide you with the energy you will need in the next few days. Remember to take time to listen. Remember God can stop time. So, please don’t worry about running out of time. God knows that you do worry about running out of time. And, that you are not good enough. YOU are good enough. You are perfect. You are God’s perfect child.  God doesn’t make mistakes.

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