I and Thou Reflections – Focus on God


Be still so God can impart wisdom unto you. You are troubled. You seem to think that a home is what will satisfy you. That is not true. Only trusting in God can meet your needs. There is nothing wrong with wanting a lovely home and someone to share it with. But true love is just from God. God can only satisfy that hunger you have in your heart; the yearning to love; the desire to do what is right; the longing to help those in need. Listen to God’s words. People in your life are helping you see how strong you are. How full of courage and full of life and strength. You have an Blog_Pic8inordinate capacity for work. Now, God needs you to focus on Him. God wants to walk you through the next few days so you won’t feel so stressed and scattered. Focus on your mission. Focus on the mission of others. Are they guided by biblical principles? Remember all of the details. This is your strength. You need to worry less and hear God more. God promises to work all of this out for you. You need to be prepared and to pray for wisdom. If what you are planning is meant to be, you will be guided by the Holy Spirit the entire way. Even if this is not in God’s plan, God will still be walking beside you. Remember that God is with you always and cares very much about you and how you feel about your work. Together, you and God can make this happen; maybe a new job, a new place to live or new people to meet. Keep smiling. God is waiting!

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