I and Thou – Seek God’s Face

Be still my child and relax. All will be okay. You need not worry about the things of this world. Resolutions will come. You need to focus on what matter’s in life. Love. Love in all you do and say. Do not worry about the sins of other people. Do not worry about other people’s actions or words. They do not matter in God’s world. Blog_Pic9You need to focus on God and His sheep. God is not saying not to preach to lost sheep. God wants you not to waste energy on wolves. The wolves will see that you are God’s sheep and that you have God’s love in your heart. They see this in you when you speak with kind words. There is nothing wrong with asking for respect. Respect is essential, but it is not the be all end all. Jesus wasn’t respected, and it did make Him feel inferior. Jesus prayed for those who did not respect Him. Jesus wants the lost to be found, and God is the One who can change circumstances. Jesus pleads on your behalf. So, God wants you to keep in mind His presence. His presence will help guide you. Again, God will remind you to dig deep down to the depth of your soul to find the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is waiting for you to ask for guidance and wisdom. Remember God is the King of the Universe, so all else pales in comparison. Remember God will help you throughout today. God can control the weather, and He can control the outcomes of the day. Remember to seek God’s face and call upon His name. God’s name is powerful, and He can calm you. He calmed the sea; He can calm your sea of emotions. Respectfully listen to all who cross your path today. Keep calm and have a great day.

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