I and Thou – Lean on Me

God is so proud of you. God is pleased with your willingness to follow Him. Will you go where God leads? God wants you to think outside of the box, and wants you to look beyond what seems to be real to what may appear to be unreal. God wants you to look at opportunities that will stretch you. Stretch your confidence and stretch your faith. How about following God for a while? God will lead you. Just keep following. He will open doors that you can’t even dream. God wants to ease your burdens and wants you to take a deep breath and lean on the special people in your life. Blog_Pic10They can take it. God has built them up for you. They will gain the strength needed for you to lean upon. Their heart is in the right place. Remember that. The special people in your life want the best for you. God wants you to be happy in all that you do. Isn’t that what you want? Of course, it is. God knows that you want to be satisfied. To feel life. To feel joy. To feel love. God also knows your deepest yearnings – for more spontaneity – more adventure. Remember to be more active. Take walks. Go to parks. Stroll craft and street fairs. And, maybe it is time to plan a few days at the beach. For now, keep your eyes focused on God. God will lead you, and you will go. What do you want? God wants you to find joy where you are – wherever that is.

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