I and Thou – Gifts and Talents

It is so hard for you to stop and listen. Stop. Listen. Be calm and experience God’s presence. Take a deep breath. Feel God in the breath. Hear God in the birds. Feel God in the air. God is all around. Take time and hear God’s presence. God is everywhere. God wants you to remember His presence through the day. Keep in mind simple ways of showing God’s love. Continue to smile at people as you pass them. Your smiles encourage people. People you don’t even know. Continue that practice. Be pleasant. Be positive. Be supportive. Listen carefully. Keep your eyes focused on God. What would God do? Jesus did a lot of speaking in His ministry. Arguably, Jesus had the gift of speaking. Who do yoIandThouPic2u know with this gift? Who do you know who is kind, gentle and compassionate? Are you kind, gentle and compassionate? Perhaps you are not gifted in these areas. Does your tongue loosen as you emotionally react when you really shouldn’t? It is okay because this is how God created you. God created people with different skills and talents. What are your gifts? Do you have the gift of writing? The gift of thinking? The gift of logical sequence? The gift of advocacy? The gift of teaching? Preaching? Administration? Whatever your gifts and talents are – you need to focus on them. Your previous success may have been in one area involving creativity. Or, engaging an audience. Think of your gifts and ask God to show you how to use them efficiently and for His glory. You are a fish out of water these days. God hears your cry, and soon it will change. Trust God. God has big plans for you. Keep following. Keep trusting….rely on God. Consult God. God can help you more than you can ever imagine. Now, hightail it off your butt and do something!

3 thoughts on “I and Thou – Gifts and Talents”

    1. I am so sorry to have responded so late. I didn’t know there was a notification bell with messages. Thank you for your kind word. I find all of this quite amazing! Feel free to visit facebook same name – I post devotionals from my book there. Here, it is a collection of notes from my quite times.

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      1. Amen. I’m late myself. I will do better to keep up!! Love your work! I haven’t been on WordPress for awhile. Definitely going to look you up on facebook😊💜


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