I and Thou – Estrangement and Panic Attacks

Have you ever had a panic attack? One of the reasons you may have a panic attack is because you don’t trust God enough.  You don’t think God hears your cries nor keeps the promises He has made. In God’s time – not yours. Trust is important. You need to trust God more than anyone else in the world. YouBlog_Pic11 need to know that God is truth. God is life. God is the way. God has power over all that is, and all that will be. God can connect people or separate them. God has a higher purpose in mind that you can not understand. Panic attacks come from fear. Fear that something will happen to a loved one. The concern that a loved one needs care. Doubt that you will not see a loved one again. Panic attacks are real.  It feels like a limb has been amputated.  You feel ghost pain.  Panic attacks are wake up calls.  It is a call to turn to God.  Turn to love.  Turn to trust.  God is the keeper of time.  God is the keeper of truth.  God is the keeper of love.  Time is so very short on earth. And, heaven is timeless.  It will be in the present, and it will be eternal. It is forever. The love you have for your child is eternal. It is forever. It is love. It is the same love from God. Each time you think of your child and feel love, I want you to think of God and the love He has for you. This is the Good News. The love of God is Good News.  When no one else loves you, God does.  The love you have a for a child is similar to the love God has for each one of us. God’s message of love is for everyone. Not all who hear will believe. Rewards will be abundant for all those who believe and it will offset all of the loss you have had in your life. You will gain in eternity what you have lost on earth. So, don’t be troubled. Keep on the high course. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep on the path. Keep reaching out to your estranged child. He or she needs to know your love. No matter what. Your child will return one day. Know that. That is God’s promise to you. Only God knows when.  Keep praying.  Keep loving.  May your panic attacks be replaced by faith, hope, and love.  And, anticipation.  Anticipation of a reunification.  Some day.  Some place.  Some time.

3 thoughts on “I and Thou – Estrangement and Panic Attacks”

    1. You are absolutely correct Susan. My apologies for stating otherwise. I think it was wishful thinking on my part. It has been over ten years for me, and I have accepted the fact that my estranged son may never want me to be a part of his life. If not in life, perhaps in death, I might find out why.


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