I and Thou – God Appreciates You

Do you suffer from migraines? Stress headaches? Sometimes a cup of coffee and an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory work to alleviate the pain. It is difficult to concentrate when you have a headache much less try to have a quiet time with the Almighty God. Yet, God is there. In the pain. In the beginning, middle and end.  We as humans are frail.  We have limitations.  We have physical ailments.  And, with God, we have the power to heal ourselves.  Heal our bodies. Heal our minds.  Heal our hearts.

IandThouPic4Do you need healing today?

Quiet your spirit. Quiet your mind. God is amidst in the chaos. God seeks to remind you that you have value.  You are royalty.  You are the child of the Almighty God.  You are a creator, like God. And that is one of your strengths. You create relationships through words.  Words can help and words can hinder.  Use your words wisely.   All you need to do is call God’s name. He is beside you today as He is every day. Some days it is not as evident although God is here. Always. Forever. Call God, and He will hear. Speak to God throughout the day and He will provide you with words of wisdom. Words of love. Words of patience. Words filled with grace and encouragement. These are the words that need to spew from your mouth too. Remember to speak when asked keeping this in mind as you go about your daily life. God knows it isn’t easy – He wants you to try your best. Can you do that for God? You hear God’s voice and God is blessed by you communing with Him. God appreciates your quiet spirit. What do you appreciate about God?

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