I and Thou: God Thanks You Too!

Blog_Pic12You are sensing a feeling of relief. You are beginning to calm down. You are less anxious. God’s senses you are starting to trust Him more and more. That is a good thing. God wants you to take time to dig deep within yourself and listen to your very own words of wisdom. Wisdom from God; the Holy Spirit that dwells within all of His sheep. Those children who hear my voice are those who are blessed with the Holy Spirit. Just like when God the Father blessed Jesus and sent the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. That is when Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, God gives that Holy Spirit to you. To anyone who hears His voice. It is not easy to listen to God’s voice. There is so much chaos in the world. And, you know that God is a God of order. God designed everything within the framework of systems. Each system has been intrinsically designed. Every detail and spec of light and mass has been generated by God. The smallest molecule to the smallest atom – all have been designed by God. And, each operates within a complex system.

God knows that you have a new opportunity on your mind. You are His child and a child of change. You really don’t like to keep doing the same thing over and over. You love change. You embrace change, and you want to do something different. You need to complete the projects you are working on. Before you do anything else, you must finish what you have started. Buying the home. Writing the book. The remodeling project. Catching up with old friends. God wants you to finish. Listen to Him. Rest in knowing that He will direct your ways.

Are you ready to move on? The light is becoming brighter at the end of the tunnel. Blog_Pic13Human nature is petty. Human nature wants to cast an eye for an eye. What does God say? Love your neighbors. Do unto them what you would want them to do to you. Simple, right? Yet, so very hard to actually do. All over the world people lash out and want revenge. They get angry, and harbor that anger and remain bitter for so long. This is not God’s way. God’s way is truth and love. You have been truthful, and you need not be concerned with this world. The world values ungodly things. Keep your mind focused on God. Do you fall into the ways of the world? The world does not know God’s divine nature. You do, and you need to share that love and divine nature with all you encounter. You need to continue to smile and look at people – pierce them with your eyes. Look deeply into people’s souls and fill God’s love through your eyes onto them. Remember you don’t know what they think, but God does. God knows each and every thought from each and every person on this planet. God dwells within every aspect of life itself. God is life. God is truth, and God is love. Many people don’t get that. They think with their heads up their ass. God is simple. God desires simplicity. God wants communion. Communion with the life He created. You. God thanks you for community with Him. You have blessed God. And, God knows that this is very hard for you to grasp… God thanking you. Sounds weird, right? God knows that you have praised Him consistently for the goodness in your life. You have thanked Him for food, for shelter, for your children. You have even thanked God for not so good things. You thanked God when you were going through your divorce. Death of a loved one. A serious illness. And, you were angry with God. And, God was angry with you. But God continued to love you. Do you continue to love people when they are angry at you? Let’s try this week to love divinely and to accept God’s thankfulness with new eyes.

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