I and Thou – The Gift of Peace

God is so glad you are here. God cares about you. He seeks to bring you peace. Are you a parent? God designed parents to love their children and encourage them and to supply their needs and to build character and to be a blessing. Each child in this world needs to know that they are a blessing. A blessing. A gift. A gift from God. No child should ever feel they are a burden. Even when one parent does not feel they are ready to be a parent, Blog_Pic14that parent needs to rejoice and celebrate the creation of life in the womb. No partner deserves to be called names. No partner deserves blame. No partner deserves to feel alienated. Alienated from love. Estranged from children.

Mothers and Fathers have an obligation to their children to love them unconditionally and to be good role models. If you have young children, spend quality time with them. Read. Tell stories. Play in the bath.  Give them time. As children grow, they will need more space. Continue to love them. Be there when they need you. Lean on God when your children are not physically with you. Reach out to them by phone. Tell them how much you love them. God wants you to have peace. Peace for you. Peace for your children. Peace for your marriage. Or, peace for your divorce.

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