I and Thou – Be a Giver

Blog_Pic15Money. Are you learning to let go of money? Is it yours to keep? Or, is it intended to be used for God’s glory? When you give abundantly, you will become less anxious. Have faith. Keep the courage. Your willpower comes from within. We all know that money is necessary. It provides a sense of security. However, this is really not true. The only safety you need is God’s love. And, God is telling you to trust. Be generous. Don’t feel begrudged. Don’t give grudgingly. Be a cheerful giver. Don’t leave money laying around. God entrusts finances to you. Cast your worries on God. Let God do the worrying for you. You need to trust. Trust God and trust yourself. You are strong, and you have been equipped with finance skills gained through your work experiences. Be confident. Be bold. Be generous. And, if you are in a low place right now, smile. A smile goes a long way. Everyone has something to give!

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