I and Thou – God is the “I am”

Take time. Breathe. Commune with God. God looks forward to your times together. Can you feel God’s peace? IBlog_Pic16t is inside of you. You have the power to do what God directs you to do. You have the ability because the power comes from the Holy Spirit who dwells within you. God knows it is hard to focus when there is so much chaos in the air. Breathe. Stay calm and stay in control. And, know that God is the “I am.” You are a winner. You are blessed. You are God’s child. Remember in the scheme of life – God is all that matters. Not partner, children or work. God is your family. God is your life. God is your breath. God is the “I am.” God is truth. And, God is life.

You are beginning to wrap your head around God. God’s life. God’s conscience. God’s spirit. Where ever you are you can reach out and obtain inner peace. Tranquility. Love. Calmness. All you have to do is call. Jesus. Sweet Jesus and God will hear. God will be there for you. For your family. For your children. God is not going anywhere. But here. God will stay with you for as long as you would like God to remain because God dwells within you. God can bring you peace. God can bring you all sorts of emotions. Let’s concentrate on love. Love for God. Respect for yourself. Love for the whole world. The love God has for you God has for each person in the entire world. Can you fathom that? Some people live their lives and never hear God. So sad. All people have to do is to listen. Listen to God’s voice. God’s sheep hear God. Life is so much better when you follow God’s voice. The voice of truth. The voice of wisdom. The voice of power. The voice of glory and the voice of grace. You saw the man today again. Same cold stare he gave you. God saw him too. Continue to look him in the eye and smile. You don’t know what he is going through. God knows. And you need to continue to smile and look at him. You are ministering to him with your smile. He is sensing God’s love but doesn’t really know how to respond right now. That is for God to worry about – not you. Your job is to shine God’s love through you. Keep the faith. Keep smiling. Keep being positive. Keep feeling confident and empowered. God is enabling you to do what you need to do. God knows that you are sensing that power. You are embracing the power. Be gentle. It is a gift that needs to be slowly opened. Carefully, gently without breaking a bone or a muscle or heart. Pierce with your eyes – yet shines God’s love. Smile with warmth from the sun. Your face will beam. It will be radiant to those who need it to be radiant. Keep smiling at strangers. They are all God’s children. See. You are beginning to see the world through God’s eyes. God is taking you on a journey, and God is so glad that you are following and that you are excited about sharing the love. Big things are in store for you. Keep the faith. Keep the love. Keep dreaming.  God is the “I am” in you.

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