I and Thou – Tap into the Wisdom

Blog_Pic17You need to trust God 100 percent. Every day. All the time. Go to God with all the decisions of your life. How simple or complex that they are, God will guide you through each and every one of them. You need to tap into the wisdom in your soul and use it more frequently. This will reduce fear and worry.

Marriage. It complicates lives and takes time away from having a relationship with God. With that said, God created you to be with a helpmate. Yet, you may have no choice other than taking a courageous leap of faith in leaving an abusive marriage. Anger management issues are real. And, they are generational. When loved ones are ready to “own” the anger issues, they will be able to clearly see what you have done for them. You often leave a marriage so your children will have a greater chance of a stronger and happier one. As children mature, they come to the realization that abuse destroys marriages and we hope someday they will understand the sacrifices may have been with their future in mind. Don’t forget to tap into the inner wisdom of your soul. This is where God lives.

There is a change in your horizon coming. Your destiny is to complete the projects you are working on. You have many talents, and you need to use them for God’s glory. Be open to what God has in store for you. Sometimes, you need to believe. Believe in God. Trust God. God will fulfill the desires of your heart. The impossible becomes possible.

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