I and Thou – Seek God’s Face

Blog_Pic18Go to God with all your decisions. Each and every one of them. You need to realize that God is the giver of life. The giver of word. The giver of connections. The giver of networking. If you continue to seek God’s face and presence – you will receive clear direction. You no longer have to worry about decisions. God is your decision maker. Fully trust God. Fully allow God to intervene and bring you prosperity. Love. Treasure. You are learning what really matters most in life. People. Love. Now go figure out a way to put all those pieces together. Keep an open mind and keep God at the forefront. God will lead people to you. You need to relax, be yourself. Be confident in God. Be confident in yourself. You are God’s child. God is big. You will do great things. Keep allowing God to direct you. This is the peace that God gives. God freely gives to all those who hear God’s voice. Be still. Listen. Keep hearing and listening. Breathe deeply. Breathe the love that is in this world. Breathe it all in. God’s love. God’s direction. Keep seeking God’s face. In all you do.

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