I and Thou – Stillness

Stillness is a place where you and God can commune. The messages or words you hear from God is your inner voice. It is the deep, deep place within your soul; where God is…in every human. Go ahead and take the time to dig down and ask for God’s presence and wisdom. Blog_Pic19God is eagerly waiting for your invitation. God is here for all. Every single human being. Sometimes God is dormant, and sometimes God is very much alive. It is dependent on the relationship that you want to have with God. Do you want God to be dormant or active? If you choose alive, then you will need to be still. Quiet. And, listen. Listen to the words of God.

God values you. God values the relationships that you have. God wants you to have friends, and he wants you to have a mentor. A guide. A spiritual cheerleader. Do you have a friend that is a definite inspiration? How about someone who encourages you? People are placed in our lives to fulfill many purposes such as love, peace, and calmness. Seize the day and reach out to a friend today!

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