I and Thou – Good Spirit

God knows you want to do it all, but you can’t. Relax and go to God. Talk. Commune. Blog_Pic20In the depth of your soul. Dig deep through the rubble so you can experience God’s light. God’s glory. The sunshine that warms your soul and spirit – that is God! The difference between your soul and your spirit is hard to explain. Your soul is what you are born with. Every human being has a soul. Even the most unlikely people. The spirit is different! The spirit is God’s connection with you. The spirit can be from God or the evil one. The Holy Spirit is God. The evil dark spirit is from the evil one. There is a lot of evil in this world. More than anyone really can comprehend. Evil is everywhere. And, so is God.

God’s spirit is good. It is light. It is refreshing. It is calming. The evil spirit is dark. It is not good. It takes away energy. You are experiencing God’s spirit as you read these words and you are experiencing the inner wisdom that God has given you. You are experiencing the calming of your soul through God’s spirit. When you are more relaxed, calmer, you have more energy. A lightness in your step. And, then you begin to see people through God’s eyes.

So many people seek worldly materialism.  Do you?  Know that one day you will live in a mansion – a heavenly mansion where the streets are paved in gold and gemstones. Forget things.  Remember the Creator of the Universe.  In this world, you need to focus on the present. Living each day to glorify God. God knows it may seem that you are living on the edge and you have no security; you need to know that you are secure – secure in God’s love. Doors will open in the most unlikely places. Keep your options open and pray for guidance.  Say “yes” to God!

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