I and Thou – Decisions, Decisions

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and free yourself from the worries of the day. Closing your eyes helps to focus even if it is to listen. You have come a long way since you have chosen to be still and let God speak to you. You are learning to trust God and your inner wisdom. You are bringing to God the decisions of your life, and that is where the sweet spot is. God is in your life to help you and to direct your path. God is here for everyone. Many don’t know how to sit still and listen to God’s voice. You are acquiring the skill and God is looking forward to spending more and more time with you. God has big plans for you, and God needs you to focus on the here and now. Blog_Pic21

God senses those who have financial concerns. God knows you are anxious. You are worrying about where all the money will come from to pay your bills. Remember that God is a big God with big pockets and God’s world doesn’t depend on cash like your world does. You need to separate yourself from your money. Remember it is not yours. You have made choices good and bad. And, God has been with you through all of it; whether or not you really knew. God was there. And, God knows the desires of your heart and how you think and feel. You have a craving for nice “things”; and, yes, you deserve nice “things.” However, you need to see through God’s eyes. Your thinking needs to be what God can use your money for? What kind of a car does God want you to drive? Does God want you to have a fancy car? Or, how about a home? What type of home? An elegant home? Or, a home that is within your budget? Sit down and talk with God for all the decisions in your life. God can help you break down the big picture into more manageable pieces. Does that seem more manageable to you? When making decisions, consider time, patience and level of energy. Consider helpers. Do you have any? Partners, siblings, children? Ask for input. People look at decisions differently. Receiving other perspectives is good.

God knows that you are independent. It is essential that you remain independent. And, it is perfectly acceptable to lean on God and others who God places on your path. People are there for you. So, don’t worry about stepping on other people’s toes. If you are blessed with a helpmate, he or she will help you in any way possible. Just being there to support and encourage goes a long way. It is such a blessing to have someone cheering for you and on your team. Stay balanced. Stay focused. God knows what causes you to be anxious. Ask God for guidance. Then, be still. Listen. God will direct you.

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