I and Thou – Be the Light!

God values your relationship. God is with you and walks with you day by day. You have been given certain traits and abilities. You are unique. You have been placed on this earth to serve different needs – to be a rock. To be a rock for other women. For men. For children. For young adults. Your colleagues admire you. You have integrity. You are dependable. You are accountable. You follow directions. You have the gift of knowing when to take direction and when to give guidance. This is one of your greatest assets. In human resources terminology, you have KSA’s. (knowledge, skills, and abilities). Do you know what yours are?

In today’Blog_Pic22s world, God wants you to be a light. God wants you to light a path for other people. God’s word is a lamp for your feet and a light on your path. (Psalm 119:105). You become light through introspection. Take inventory. What are your strengths? What do you excel at? What comes easily to you? Are you creative? Are you contextual? Do you have a focus? Do you relate well to others? Are you light? Or, are you darkness? Do you walk on the dark road? Do you have secrets? Do you tell lies? Do you humiliate? Are you disrespectful? Are your stagnant? Or, do you desire personal growth? It is your decision. Choose the light because you deserve to  grow. You deserve to flourish. You deserve to glow.  Let God’s light shine through you. Let God illuminate your path. Let God direct you. Surrender yourself to God and let God soak you with light. Be bright. Be brilliant. Shine. Be the Light!

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