I and Thou – Grateful!

Are you anxious? Waiting to hear back from an employment application? Waiting to be called for an interview? Waiting for a new job offer? A marriage proposal? A baby? Publishing contract? You need to have patience. You need to be grateful. Grateful your bills are being paid. Thankful for food on the table. Grateful for a roof over your head. Thankful for safe drinking water. You do not need more right now. Be grateful for what you have.

Blog_Pic23God knows that you want peace. Less drama. And, more space. Different space. Fresh air. Relaxation. Freedom from anxiety. To be closer to God. Wherever you are. Whether or not you are in a peaceful place. You have learned that you can quiet your mind and enter God’s presence. You can be close to God where ever you are. All you need to do is focus, and create a space to commune with God. Communion requires discernment. Discerning what thoughts are Gods, which ones are yours and perhaps other people too! Choose to open your mind and your heart to God. Trust God. Ask questions. God hears you. It takes faith to trust God. It takes more faith to feel God’s presence. Still yourself. Open yourself. Seek God with a grateful heart.

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