I and Thou – Free to Follow God

God wants time with you. God wants to fill you will peace. It is difficult to rest the mind and let God in. All you need to do is ask and receive. God’s peace is for everyone. Go in the name of the Lord and be healed. Healed from worry, fear, and anxiety.

Blog_pic24Remember, God is the author of your destiny. So relax, be at peace and be free. Free to follow God. Give all your cares to God because God is the creator. Each person is designed to yearn for God with the ability to open their heart. Many reject God; yet, goes after each lost sheep and is saddened when a sheep turns away.

God is your life and sustenance. Whoever believes in God will be cared for. God carried you many times and will continue to do so.  Go in peace and remember to be of good cheer. You are God’s light and God’s love. Fill your heart with love and compassion. And, share God’s good news!

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