I and Thou – Find Peace

You feel shocked when coworkers or loved ones lose their jobs.  You feel anxious.  You do not feel peace at all.  Be vigilant.  Don’t succumb to the world of chaos.  God is not a God of confusion.  It is human nature to worry, to be anxious and to fear.  Yet, God says, fear not! (Isaiah 41:10). God seeks to fill you with peace.  A sense of peace that is incomprehensible.

Blog_Pic25God wants you to feel peace.  God can do miraculous wonders.  Keep the faith.  Rest your body.  Think more clearly.  See the light.  God’s light.  The sun will shine.  Be creative.  God wants to you explore new ideas.  Think differently.  Dwell on what can be and not what is.  You are a work in progress.  God is molding the clay, and the vessel has not been completed.  God loves you and is providing support and encouragement.  Walk beside God.  Receive God.  Be reverent.  God knows you are struggling.  God is the peacemaker.  God is the healer.  Trust God.  And, be worry-free! 

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