I and Thou – Lend a Helping Hand

Be still, GOD knows it is so difficult to listen. With the many conversations that take place in your head, it is hard to differentiate the good from the bad. Or the positive from the harmful. Evil seeks to continuously devour the mind. Lurking in every nook and cranny because evil seeks to steal you from God. You need to be aware of this and denounce evil ways and thoughts. It is your choice. Remember that God is love and God is the great “I am.” God is all things positive. Keep that in mind. It is God’s love that shines through your smile and your eyes. Share this with others. God creates all humans with uniqueness – a set of gifts. The end game is to use these gifts, (skills and abilities), for God’s glory. Although it may sound a bit presumptuous and conceited – God speaks to you in all humbleness. God is the glory. God is King. God is eternal. God’s name will be glorified – it will not be insulted or mocked. Blog_Pic26

What exactly is glory? Glory is a misunderstood word. Glory is a delight. Glory is praise. To glorify God is to show love to one another. It is to lend a helping hand when needed. Digging wells. Planting sustainable crops. Feeding the hungry. Clothing the poor. Rescuing children from abuse. Adopting orphans. The list goes on. God seeks to fill you with love. With energy. With compassion. Go, and glorify God today!

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