I and Thou – Rest in God’s Arms

You worry too much. You are fine – perfect in God’s eyes. You have been created in God’s image. Flawless. Whatever thorns that are in your side are there for a reason. Someday it will be all clear. For now – rest in God’s arms. Commit your mind and body to God. Follow God where you are led. Your body is telling you to relax. Rest!

Blog_Pic28Take time for you. Take time to experience all the beautiful things life has to offer. Romantic dinners, walks in parks, picnic lunches. Use your money wisely and use it to enjoy and have fun. Horseback riding, mini-golf or hit some golf balls at a range. You need to take more breaks. It will help with eye strain and backaches. It is good for your health, and it is good to commune with God in your fun. God created life for enjoyment – you have suffered from demons, and you need to break free from their chains and rethink the purpose of life. Balance. Yes, it is good to serve others…to help the poor and needy. It is also good to take breaks. Remember the word, balance.

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