I and Thou – Heed the Voice

God knows it is hard to follow the right path. The heavenly direction does not make sense from a worldly perspective. God knows those who hear and seek to emulate. Has the Holy Spirit ever prompted you to do something unusual? One time, I had the distinct nudge to open my wallet and give all the cash I had to a Nun at a check-out line at a Walmart in Morristown, NJ. The cashier thought I was nuts. It is these quiet moments when God calls – it is soBlog_Pic29 important to listen. Giving is important. God gave freely. God gave Jesus to the world. Jesus gave freely. Jesus gave wine at the wedding feast. Jesus gave healing to the blind. Jesus gave peace to the demonic. Jesus brought life back to Lazarus. Jesus healed the person with paraplegia.

In everyday life, you can encourage and support people in seeking the light of God’s presence. Maybe in the moment and maybe in a moment decades or generations from now. God’s light shines through humanity; yet, it is difficult to explain. You can agree, God is hard to define. Although God’s divinity is a mystery, you are deeply connected. God cares. God understands. Do you have a sense of peace, joy, and comfort? God is a Father. A heavenly Father. A caring, loving Father who wants to protect His children. Jesus was His messenger. Jesus is the one who walked the earth and experienced pain, humiliation, betrayal, peace, and salvation. Jesus was resurrected to redeem humankind. One day all will see that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. All of this shall pass. And all those who bow down to the glory of the Father will have salvation and eternal life. Those who reject God will be forever separated. What a glorious day it will be when all who accept God’s grace will become one with God! Accept God into your life today and still yourself and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, say, “You are mine.”

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