I and Thou – Be You!

When you become anxious, have hope and faith. Keep smiling. Call on the name of God’s son, Jesus. The sweet name of Jesus. God is power. God is word. Say it softly, Jesus. And, God will answer. God will provide you with peace. God will calm the storms. God will bring you light and refreshment. Seek God’s face. Seek God’s spirit. It is all right in front of you. See it. Hear it. Feel it.

You are a child of God. The child of an almighty God; who hears sheep and goes after each one until found. Remember that God knows your heart. Because your heart connects with your mind, people need to see your face, eyes, and smile. Be a blessing to all you encounter today. Go forth and spread the good news. God’s love. Your love for all humankind. It is a simple message, yet, so difficult for so many to comprehend. Love. Think love. Feel love. Be love. Be like God.

You are a truly gifted and talented person. God wants you to feel not jublog_pic33st adequate; but magnificent. You are perfect. You are perfect how you are. And, that is different. Being different is okay. You are you. Be you. Embrace yourself, and you will shine confidence to others. Keep all of the words that you hear in your heart. Keep them close. Visit them to refresh your memory. God honors. You will see great things ahead. Live each day with God at your side. Trust God. Love God. Call God’s son.

Jesus. Sweet Jesus.

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