I and Thou – Pandemic Potential

The world is changing moment by moment at warp speed. Yet, in this chaos, you can experience a quieter, gentler YOU. It is within you. You can call it the Holy Spirit, or you can call it inner wisdom. You can call it what you want to call it. It is the peace of floating in a tube on a lake. It is the movement of ants in a garden. It is the swaying of a pecan tree. It is listening. It is THE moment. Rob Bell would call this “presence.” What do you call it?

The pandemic may cause you to pause.





What would it look like if? Are these thoughts gifts – gifts of potential?

The potential to connect with people differently.

      • To care for the sick.
      • To feed the hungry
      • To give to the poor.
      • To lend a helping hand.
      • To have a listening ear.
      • A shoulder to cry on.
      • To love more deeply and profoundly.
      • To give more grace.
      • To forgive more easily.

The possibility of exploring the unknown – the depths of your own soul.

The question is not are you IN or are you OUT. The question is, are you YOU?

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