National Reconciliation Day

April 2!

Adult children are estranging from members of their families (siblings and/or parents and not to mention extended family members) at an alarming rate. I am not talking about abusive, toxic, or those with addictions. I am speaking about parents who were “good enough” mothers and/or fathers. The ones who drove their kids to school made lunches daily and registered them for after-school activities.

No matter how short the estrangement has been, both parties have grown and changed. There may be space for radical acceptance. Help us spread the word that it is OKAY to reach out and attempt to reconnect with a loved one.

Let’s get proactive!

Spread the news, so estranged children see this message.


What is National Reconciliation Day, and why must we spread the word?

First, National Reconciliation Day brings awareness to the brokenness of relationships around us. What would it look like if our ECs knew there was a day to think about reconnecting with us? Please share this information broadly.

Second, by spreading the word, people will start thinking about their relationships or perhaps about someone they know who may need to reconcile.

Here is information from another post:

National Reconciliation Day, which is on April 2nd each year, urges us to repair relationships that have been damaged through hurtful words or actions. While many different “Days of Reconciliation” are held worldwide, this observance occurs each year on April 2nd.

HOW TO OBSERVE National Reconciliation Day

  • Take that step and make amends.
  • It’s not too late. Reach out to that friend or loved one and make a fresh start.
  • Accept the olive branch when it is offered.
  • Share your experiences of reconciliation.


Q. How does one reconcile with another?

A. It may seem like a challenging task. Fear and bitterness often prevent us from taking the necessary steps. One of the best ways is simply by offering an invitation for coffee. Choose a neutral place to talk. Sometimes it takes an apology but don’t expect one. It’s more important to repair the relationship than to dredge up history. Another simple way is to reach out by text, phone, or email.

Q. What gets in the way of reconciliation?

A. There are many reasons why reconciliation fails. Some of them include the following:

  • Pride
  • Lack of forgiveness
  • Lack of perspective
  • Resentment
  • Living in the past

Please share with everyone you can. Let’s get this on social media, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. Ask Libraries, schools-colleges, and Churches to put up posters………. If you google National Reconciliation Day, you will find lots of information.

All it might take is a cup of coffee!!!

Or a text???


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