Lessons Learned from Princess Diana – Lesson #1

Princess Diana was a beloved figure who captured the hearts of people worldwide. She was known for her grace, compassion, and humanitarian work, and she continues to be remembered and celebrated as an icon of compassion and kindness. Why have I been fascinated with her all of these years? First, we were the same age. Second, we shared being the mother of two sons.

Lesson #1: Embrace Motherhood with All Your Heart

Photo Credit: Getty Image
Public Domain

Princess Diana loved being a mother and devoted herself to her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. She believed being a mother was one of the most important roles a woman could have and took her responsibilities seriously.

Like Princess Di, I loved being a mother to two small boys. I took my responsibilities seriously and tried to offer my children what I didn’t have. Opportunity. Opportunity for music lessons. Sports camps. Church camp. Being actively involved. Yup. That was me.

I still love being a mom. It is the highest honor and privilege of my life. My younger son and I share a special bond, and my older son has chosen to keep me out of his life until he chooses not to. So, until then, I will focus my “mothering” skills on helping those who want me in their lives.

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