Lessons Learned from Princess Diana – Lesson #2

Lesson #2: Prioritize Spending Time with Your Children

Image Credit: Cassidy and Leigh/Shutterstock
Public Domain

Princess Diana understood the importance of spending quality time with her children and was there for them whenever they needed her. She often took them on trips and vacations to create lasting memories. Princess Diana wanted to provide experiences to her children that reflected “normal” childhood activities. She took her children to McDonald’s and ordered Happy Meals. She rode on amusement rides at Disney with them. Princess Di placed her children’s well-being above hers. Most mothers would understand and share this desire.

Like Princess Di, I felt strongly about spending quality time with my children. I took my children to Disney. I also had my share of ordering Happy Meals. One of the most memorable adventures was a trip to Colorado. Why? Because the trip was geared to my specific family. We flew into Denver, picked up an RV, and experienced Colorado. We got lost for a few hours in the middle of nowhere and finally met the paleontologist in Delta for a private tour and excavation. We took a gondola up a mountain in Ouray and visited Mese Verde to explore the cliff dwellings. These were tangible memories. Memories that we experienced as a family. Together. It wasn’t the latest video game or device. It was spending time around a campfire and toasting marshmallows. Yup. That was me.

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