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Jill’s Journey – 19 Days in Napa

by nadia crane

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Reflections on Love, Travel, Marriage, and Separation.

Meet Jill and Derek.  Jill treks off to Napa to clear her mind and figure out what the next step is.  She needs to decide to cope and live in an unhealthy marriage or consider the option of separating in the hopes of reconciliation.

Reflections, Poems, and Prayers on Estrangement
including The 8 Stages


With more than ten years of experience on this estrangement journey, Nadia offers you reflections, poems, and writings to bring awareness to this dreadful family experience – and perhaps a bit of peace. Strongly encouraged for clergy members, therapists, lawyers, estranged adult children, or any other interested souls to read and reflect on this growing epidemic for deeper understanding.

…Reflections on God, Scripture, and Human Relationships

By Ruth Walton

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This devotional type of book series will provide the reader with a daily dose of inspiration relating to human relationships; whether it is a scripture passage with a reflection on a topic related to human relationships, an introduction to a specific topic, or a writing from another author. In other words, these books are a cross between self-help books and devotionals. Each scripture passage is presented under a particular category such as Relationships, Listening & Talking, Anatomy, etc. This is followed by a “Thought” section which offers insights into how the passage spoke to the author. Each thought will focus on a central theme and will typically include an example or reflection from the author’ s life/experience. These books have been written with a focus on human relationships and the raw emotions that come from being human. It is hoped that the reader will be able to see elements that comprise both healthy and toxic relationships – and gain insight into the relationships in his or her own life. By exploring topics such as kisses, embraces, love, integrity, sexuality, etc., the reader will be able to explore scripture passages using these keywords and gain skills to enhance relationships. Each devotion concludes with a suggested “Action” which invites the reader to move from reflection…to practice. Other authors’ writings have been included to present complimentary as well as alternative points of views on related subjects that round out each topic. The author of these books is a divorced Christian woman who had been married for nearly 20 years. Realizing that she was in a marriage that could not be fixed, she turned to writing as a coping and healing tool.

Friendships, marriages, and partnerships require basic building blocks such as communication and trust; without them – relationships fail. Without common goals – relationships fail. For a love relationship to truly flourish, this author believes it is essential that both partners seek God’s will separately and together. Without God present in a relationship, it cannot blossom to its fullest potential.

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