I and Thou – The Peace of God

God wants you to feel peace where you are. The peace of a great community and the beauty of your surroundings. The trees, the plains, the mountains, the ocean. Where ever you are…the vastness that is in front of you. Whether there are skyscrapers or small-town squares, you are where you are right now. You are right in saying this is the right home for you at this right time which is right now. If you take time to listen, God speaks to all of us. The birds singing. The flowers blooming. The sounds of nature all around us. Whether we can see the little dipper or the big dipper or no dipper at all, God is where you are. Are you?Blog_Pic42
We live in a world of chaos. One of struggle, pain, and sorrow. The tug between good and evil. God and no God. Is there really a God? And, if there is, how come there is so much pain? Life is life. And, in life, there is God. God’s world is a world of order. It is one of goodness, love, and peace. God is so real; sometimes, it is hard for the human mind to grasp. A mystery. And, don’t we all love a good mystery? God is in each person; waiting for you to allow yourself to hear. Shhh….do you hear? It takes faith and a full surrender to have the complete peace God wants you to have. The peace that all is well. The peace that allows God to work miracles. The peace that will enable you to enjoy what you do. The peace of community. The peace of solitude. The peace of God. Let us radiate God’s goodness, love, and peace. Shall we?

I and Thou – Dare to Stand

God created all people. Over the years, people have scattered and lost sight of God. Many cultures rejected God and began to believe they were self-sufficient. They didn’t need God in their life. Many people today, still believe they don’t need God and worse, they think that people who do believe in God, are somehow weak or less than. It is the people who dare to stand up and say YES I believe in God, the one TrueBlog_Pic41 God, the God who made heaven and earth that is seen and unseen, who hear God’s voice. The Giver of Life. The Almighty God. God brought all goodness to the planet. It is the people and the work of Satan that destroyed so much of the goodness. In the end, God will reign. Forever and ever. The human mind doubts this, and it is tough to believe that there will be a forever and ever. Life will end as we know it; yet, our spirits will live. It will BE forever. Your soul will commune with God eternally. You will live in the light, and your physical aches and pains will disappear. You will have no more pain. No more sorrow. No more heartaches. You will be reunited with those who have passed onto the next life before you…spouses, parents, all of your loved ones and especially estranged children.  Declare God’s divinity now! Stand up! Be accountable! Ask Forgiveness! Go and spread the Good News! God is alive! Every knee shall bow down to God. Be bold and worship!  All are welcome and that means YOU…it is time…rejoice!  God is alive!

I and Thou – Be the Joy

You seem to be in a rush most of the time. You have a need to “get things done.” Sometimes you really don’t think; yet, you act. Does this sound like you? Perhaps you may need to slow down, think more and work less.

God wants you to be happy, secure and full of joy. And, for you to do this, you will need to slow down your pace and take time to be kind. Stop. Smell the roses. God will lead you to a tranquil place far removed from civilization as you know it, where you can grow and have the freedom to do Blog_Pic40what you need to do. God provides choices. Weigh them carefully. Ask for guidance.

Quiet your mind and receive God’s presence. Focus and create a space to commune with God where you can open your mind and heart. Ask God questions. God may not give you the answer that you are looking for, but God will answer. Because God hears. God hears everyone. Not many people understand God. It takes faith to feel God’s presence. Trust God. Slow down.  Take time to experience joy.  The joy of spring.  The joy of chirping birds.  The joy of butterflies.  The joy of friendship.  The joy of community.  The joy of you.  Go and be the joy!

I and Thou – Purge and Grow



Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You are about to begin a journey that God will take you on. It is the journey of faith, love, and grace. God is taking you from your toxic environment and taking you to a place where people respect, value and appreciate one another. God knows your reservations. The numbers do not add up. Trust God and know that it will all work. Follow your passion.

Purging is good for the soul. And, before you embark on your journey purging is a must! Have less clutter in your life. Less clutter means more focus. More focus on what really matters. After the purge, you will be all set to move. Moving is cleansing. Moving is growth. Moving can mean a new opportunity.

Whether you are moving literally or figurately, Spring is a great time to rethink your future. Reach out to your neighbors and friends. Connect with them. Show your new neighbors how God works in your life each day. Help them to see that life is in God’s hands no matter what you plan and or hope for. Love them. And, when you do, God will bless you!

I and Thou – Release Your Demons

Pay close attention to your heart and soul. There is a blockage. Release your demons. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. Hand over your emptiness and saBlog_Pic38dness to God. For that matter, hand over all of yourself to God because cynicism is real and prevents blessings. Let God mold you. Trust God. There is nothing to fear. God has been walking beside you your whole life. God gives you what you can handle – nothing more – nothing less. Open your heart and your mind. One day it will all make sense. Until then, go to God. Receive God’s, infinite love. Ask God to comfort you and to make you feel comfortable. God’s arms will embrace you with love and calmness. When you find that place within yourself, you will find peace. God will do a mighty work with you. Keep listening. Keep communing with God. God’s love is overflowing, and God can’t wait for you to choose to receive it. God’s presence is everywhere.  It is in your emptiness and depression. It is in your joy and celebration.  God is walking with you day by day. Walk humbly. Be kind. Go forth and spread God’s love.

I and Thou – Love Matters

Will your decision glorify God? Go to God with all your choices. Each and every one of them. You no longer need to worry about decisions. God is your decision maker. Fully trust God. Fully allow God to intervene and bring you to wholeness. Seek God.

Blog_Pic37Love. Love is a treasure. You are learning what really matters in life.  Keep an open mind and keep God in the forefront. God will lead you to people who can help you. Relax. Be yourself. Be confident in God. Be confident in yourself. You are a child of God. God is a big God. You will do great things. Seek God.

Keep allowing God to direct you. This is the peace God gives. God freely gives to all who hear. Be still. Listen. Keep hearing and listening. Breathe deeply. Breathe the love that God has for this world. Breathe it all in. God’s love. God’s direction. Love people. Show kindness. Love one another. And, seek God.

I and Thou – Without Just Cause

Adults fed you falsehoods which made you feel unsafe; yet, you don’t understand why. You felt abandoned. Stalked. Unjustly crucified. Accused of something you did not do.
You severed a relationship without just cause.Blog_Pic36

Fear of abuse. Sexual abuse. Physical abuse. Financial abuse. Emotional abuse. Buried deep down within your soul the fear is there. Fear of the unknown. It is latent, and you don’t remember the specific events.
You severed a relationship without just cause.

Trusting is difficult. You readily accuse without facts. You wanted to control the situation; yet, you were helpless. God lit a path you did not take because you wanted to live on your own terms.
You severed a relationship without just cause.

I and Thou – Children are Blessings!

Blog_Pic34Do you have children? It is so important to take time for your children. Leaving children to fend for themselves is not God’s plan. God wants each parent to love and encourage their children and to supply their needs and to build character and to be a blessing. Each child in this world needs to know that they are a blessing. A gift. A gift from God. No child should ever feel that they are a burden. Parents, often, do try their best and may not deliberately mean to damage their spirits. Talk to friends. Talk to neighbors. Encourage them to talk about their children. Encourage them to love their children. And, love takes time. It is not about stuff. It is about time you choose to be with your children. Walk them to school. Play games. Go to the playground. Cook a meal. Love your children and show them they are worth the time. They indeed are a blessing. Make sure they know it!

I and Thou – Be You!

When you become anxious, have hope and faith. Keep smiling. Call on the name of God’s son, Jesus. The sweet name of Jesus. God is power. God is word. Say it softly, Jesus. And, God will answer. God will provide you with peace. God will calm the storms. God will bring you light and refreshment. Seek God’s face. Seek God’s spirit. It is all right in front of you. See it. Hear it. Feel it.

You are a child of God. The child of an almighty God; who hears sheep and goes after each one until found. Remember that God knows your heart. Because your heart connects with your mind, people need to see your face, eyes, and smile. Be a blessing to all you encounter today. Go forth and spread the good news. God’s love. Your love for all humankind. It is a simple message, yet, so difficult for so many to comprehend. Love. Think love. Feel love. Be love. Be like God.

You are a truly gifted and talented person. God wants you to feel not jublog_pic33st adequate; but magnificent. You are perfect. You are perfect how you are. And, that is different. Being different is okay. You are you. Be you. Embrace yourself, and you will shine confidence to others. Keep all of the words that you hear in your heart. Keep them close. Visit them to refresh your memory. God honors. You will see great things ahead. Live each day with God at your side. Trust God. Love God. Call God’s son.

Jesus. Sweet Jesus.

I and Thou – Change is Coming

Jesus. Sweet Jesus.

Here you are in the middle of God’s beautiful creation –

Relax as bestblog_pic32 as you can. God is here to refresh. Keep God in your mind and thoughts and call upon God’s son, Jesus, Sweet Jesus. You are going to have some changes in your life. Here they come. God has prepared you your whole life for the transition ahead. This year, you will meet people – God’s people. People who call upon the name of Jesus, Lord, Savior. Rest in the knowledge that God is with you. God knows your heart, and God sees the heart of every person you will meet this year. Use your communication skills that you keep buried and try to remember what you can stay true to yourself. Embrace new people, new friends, new community. Change is good.