I and Thou – Dare to Stand

God created all people. Over the years, people have scattered and lost sight of God. Many cultures rejected God and began to believe they were self-sufficient. They didn’t need God in their life. Many people today, still believe they don’t need God and worse, they think that people who do believe in God, are somehow weak or less than. It is the people who dare to stand up and say YES I believe in God, the one TrueBlog_Pic41 God, the God who made heaven and earth that is seen and unseen, who hear God’s voice. The Giver of Life. The Almighty God. God brought all goodness to the planet. It is the people and the work of Satan that destroyed so much of the goodness. In the end, God will reign. Forever and ever. The human mind doubts this, and it is tough to believe that there will be a forever and ever. Life will end as we know it; yet, our spirits will live. It will BE forever. Your soul will commune with God eternally. You will live in the light, and your physical aches and pains will disappear. You will have no more pain. No more sorrow. No more heartaches. You will be reunited with those who have passed onto the next life before you…spouses, parents, all of your loved ones and especially estranged children.  Declare God’s divinity now! Stand up! Be accountable! Ask Forgiveness! Go and spread the Good News! God is alive! Every knee shall bow down to God. Be bold and worship!  All are welcome and that means YOU…it is time…rejoice!  God is alive!

I and Thou – Children are Blessings!

Blog_Pic34Do you have children? It is so important to take time for your children. Leaving children to fend for themselves is not God’s plan. God wants each parent to love and encourage their children and to supply their needs and to build character and to be a blessing. Each child in this world needs to know that they are a blessing. A gift. A gift from God. No child should ever feel that they are a burden. Parents, often, do try their best and may not deliberately mean to damage their spirits. Talk to friends. Talk to neighbors. Encourage them to talk about their children. Encourage them to love their children. And, love takes time. It is not about stuff. It is about time you choose to be with your children. Walk them to school. Play games. Go to the playground. Cook a meal. Love your children and show them they are worth the time. They indeed are a blessing. Make sure they know it!

I and Thou – Life is Short

Life takes you in many different directions. Seasons come and go, and the human developmental process moves forward. Taking care of elderly parents is a stage blog_pic31of life that we go through. One parent may need help or nursing care and then the other. Elderly parents have years and years of material stuff that needs to be weeded through. Homes, where they have been for years, need to be sold. Senior housing or assisted living options need to be explored. Then, days, weeks, years go by and then illness followed by passing from this earth. Life. Death. We learn through this process that life is precious. Life is short.

How do we balance parents, children, work, and other activities? God leads you through transitions. You have a lot to offer. Use your knowledge wisely. Each decision made is a growth experience. Every situation you have been in – you have learned from. Leave the worrying to God. If God wants you to be somewhere, God will open the doors for you. Follow where God leads, and the rest will fall into place.

I and Thou – The Gift of Time

Christmas time. Holiday gatherings. Gifts. Christmas can be stressful; especially when your heart is larger than your pocketbook. You wrestle with the premise of gift-giving, and you wrestle with materialism. How do you find the right balance for your family? Consider the gift of time. Time to write a note. Time to write a poem. Time to make a hand-made gift.Blog_Pic27

During this holiday season, surround yourself with people who love you. You may not be a millionaire; yet, God knows you feel like a million bucks when you are spending time with family and friends. You will not be judged for not having the “perfect” gift. The “perfect” gift is presence…not presents! And, for family members who cannot be present for the holidays, give them grace. Wish them well. Love them from afar.

God wants you to keep your mind open to new ideas and new beginnings. Use this holiday season to refresh. Pause. Take a moment to reflect on where you have been, where you are now and what the future may hold. Whether you stay in your hometown or are led to a new and exotic place, God will be with you. God will guide you. Say, “Yes!” God is in you, and you are in God. God wants to give you the gift of time. You deserve to take a break and work on something uplifting…that will fill your heavenly basket.

I and Thou – Decisions, Decisions

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and free yourself from the worries of the day. Closing your eyes helps to focus even if it is to listen. You have come a long way since you have chosen to be still and let God speak to you. You are learning to trust God and your inner wisdom. You are bringing to God the decisions of your life, and that is where the sweet spot is. God is in your life to help you and to direct your path. God is here for everyone. Many don’t know how to sit still and listen to God’s voice. You are acquiring the skill and God is looking forward to spending more and more time with you. God has big plans for you, and God needs you to focus on the here and now. Blog_Pic21

God senses those who have financial concerns. God knows you are anxious. You are worrying about where all the money will come from to pay your bills. Remember that God is a big God with big pockets and God’s world doesn’t depend on cash like your world does. You need to separate yourself from your money. Remember it is not yours. You have made choices good and bad. And, God has been with you through all of it; whether or not you really knew. God was there. And, God knows the desires of your heart and how you think and feel. You have a craving for nice “things”; and, yes, you deserve nice “things.” However, you need to see through God’s eyes. Your thinking needs to be what God can use your money for? What kind of a car does God want you to drive? Does God want you to have a fancy car? Or, how about a home? What type of home? An elegant home? Or, a home that is within your budget? Sit down and talk with God for all the decisions in your life. God can help you break down the big picture into more manageable pieces. Does that seem more manageable to you? When making decisions, consider time, patience and level of energy. Consider helpers. Do you have any? Partners, siblings, children? Ask for input. People look at decisions differently. Receiving other perspectives is good.

God knows that you are independent. It is essential that you remain independent. And, it is perfectly acceptable to lean on God and others who God places on your path. People are there for you. So, don’t worry about stepping on other people’s toes. If you are blessed with a helpmate, he or she will help you in any way possible. Just being there to support and encourage goes a long way. It is such a blessing to have someone cheering for you and on your team. Stay balanced. Stay focused. God knows what causes you to be anxious. Ask God for guidance. Then, be still. Listen. God will direct you.

I and Thou – Pain of Estrangement

The Pain of Estrangement

Mother and eldest son estranged
Since the divorce.

Mother sent gifts first Christmas
Father returned them unopened.

Mother doesn’t understand why
Father doesn’t talk to mother either.

Mother feels betrayed, shamed and disrespected
Father feels in control, full of power.

Mother fights the tears away
Father delights in seeing his son.

Mother hasn’t seen son in years
Father sees him regularly.

Mother moved 5 times in 6 years
Father moved none.

Mother, uncle, and grandmother shunned at graduation
Father and other grandparents celebrated with the son.

Mother’s mother passed away
The eldest son was unresponsive.

Mother watched college graduation through live stream
Father flew to witness and celebrate.

Mother has no address for son
Father doesn’t share information.

Mother loves a child unconditionally
Father loves a child unconditionally.

Then, why does the Father
Keep the Mother away?

I and Thou – You are not Worthless

You were and are not Worthless

You were not worthless
because you were molested as a child.

You were not worthless
because you were date raped in college.

You were not worthless
because you married a man, who lost his love for you.

You were not worthless
because your husband sought to financially destroy you.

You were not worthless
because you needed to protect vulnerable children.

You were not worthless
because your husband alienated your child from you.

You were not worthless
because you worked four jobs to pay bills.

You were not worthless
because you brought enormous and abundant value to so many.

You were not worthless
because actions had consequences.

You were not worthless
because you were kind, gentle, and compassionate.

You were not worthless
because you were responsible, a good communicator and role-model advisor.

You were not worthless
because you loved to teach, coach and mentor.

You were not worthless
because actions caused visible, invisible, and physical reactions.

You were not worthless
because your words were meaningful and profoundly insightful.

You were not worthless
because you would never stop talking to someone no matter what the circumstances were.

You were not worthless
because you love with a never-ending love.

You were not worthless
because you could whip up a gourmet meal on a moment’s notice.

You were not worthless
because you achieved the goals, you set for yourself.

You were not worthless
because you had grit and an abominable spirit.

You were not worthless
because you overcame many trials and tribulations

You were not worthless
because you placed other’s needs above your own.

You were not worthless
because you overcame.

You were not worthless
because you forgave those, who needed forgiveness.

You are not worthless
because you are a child of the almighty creator of the universe.

I and Thou – The Gift of Peace

God is so glad you are here. God cares about you. He seeks to bring you peace. Are you a parent? God designed parents to love their children and encourage them and to supply their needs and to build character and to be a blessing. Each child in this world needs to know that they are a blessing. A blessing. A gift. A gift from God. No child should ever feel they are a burden. Even when one parent does not feel they are ready to be a parent, Blog_Pic14that parent needs to rejoice and celebrate the creation of life in the womb. No partner deserves to be called names. No partner deserves blame. No partner deserves to feel alienated. Alienated from love. Estranged from children.

Mothers and Fathers have an obligation to their children to love them unconditionally and to be good role models. If you have young children, spend quality time with them. Read. Tell stories. Play in the bath.  Give them time. As children grow, they will need more space. Continue to love them. Be there when they need you. Lean on God when your children are not physically with you. Reach out to them by phone. Tell them how much you love them. God wants you to have peace. Peace for you. Peace for your children. Peace for your marriage. Or, peace for your divorce.