I and Thou – God Appreciates You

Do you suffer from migraines? Stress headaches? Sometimes a cup of coffee and an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory work to alleviate the pain. It is difficult to concentrate when you have a headache much less try to have a quiet time with the Almighty God. Yet, God is there. In the pain. In the beginning, middle and end.  We as humans are frail.  We have limitations.  We have physical ailments.  And, with God, we have the power to heal ourselves.  Heal our bodies. Heal our minds.  Heal our hearts.

IandThouPic4Do you need healing today?

Quiet your spirit. Quiet your mind. God is amidst in the chaos. God seeks to remind you that you have value.  You are royalty.  You are the child of the Almighty God.  You are a creator, like God. And that is one of your strengths. You create relationships through words.  Words can help and words can hinder.  Use your words wisely.   All you need to do is call God’s name. He is beside you today as He is every day. Some days it is not as evident although God is here. Always. Forever. Call God, and He will hear. Speak to God throughout the day and He will provide you with words of wisdom. Words of love. Words of patience. Words filled with grace and encouragement. These are the words that need to spew from your mouth too. Remember to speak when asked keeping this in mind as you go about your daily life. God knows it isn’t easy – He wants you to try your best. Can you do that for God? You hear God’s voice and God is blessed by you communing with Him. God appreciates your quiet spirit. What do you appreciate about God?

I and Thou – Surrender Your Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

Your talents are not being wasted. Even when co-workers are less than communicative. Communication is important. Yet, you can only control so much. You are talented. You are creative. You are inspiring. Personally. Professionally. In all you do, you are serving the Almighty God.

Quiet yourself and let God come and speak to you. It is hard for you to quiet yourself amidst the chaos of life. You IandThouPic3need to breathe deeply and keep positive. God has great things in store for you. You need to worry less and let God direct your path. God has your best interest in mind, so you don’t have to worry about details. Worry can separate you from God. God wants you to surrender. Surrender your worry. Surrender your anxiety. Surrender your fears. Try focusing more on tasks that need to be done for others. Keep others in the forefront on your mind. Serve others. When you serve others, you are serving God.

God walks by your side. Every step of the way. Even when you need to be carried. God is there. By surrendering, you feel more in control. You will feel more in control when you trust God. Let God be in control, and then you will be able to focus on what is needed. Ask God to take control of your life. When you place your faith in God – God will bring you peace. Peace and confidence that you will be able to interact with people throughout the day lovingly and professionally. What do you have to lose? Go for it!

I and Thou – Gifts and Talents

It is so hard for you to stop and listen. Stop. Listen. Be calm and experience God’s presence. Take a deep breath. Feel God in the breath. Hear God in the birds. Feel God in the air. God is all around. Take time and hear God’s presence. God is everywhere. God wants you to remember His presence through the day. Keep in mind simple ways of showing God’s love. Continue to smile at people as you pass them. Your smiles encourage people. People you don’t even know. Continue that practice. Be pleasant. Be positive. Be supportive. Listen carefully. Keep your eyes focused on God. What would God do? Jesus did a lot of speaking in His ministry. Arguably, Jesus had the gift of speaking. Who do yoIandThouPic2u know with this gift? Who do you know who is kind, gentle and compassionate? Are you kind, gentle and compassionate? Perhaps you are not gifted in these areas. Does your tongue loosen as you emotionally react when you really shouldn’t? It is okay because this is how God created you. God created people with different skills and talents. What are your gifts? Do you have the gift of writing? The gift of thinking? The gift of logical sequence? The gift of advocacy? The gift of teaching? Preaching? Administration? Whatever your gifts and talents are – you need to focus on them. Your previous success may have been in one area involving creativity. Or, engaging an audience. Think of your gifts and ask God to show you how to use them efficiently and for His glory. You are a fish out of water these days. God hears your cry, and soon it will change. Trust God. God has big plans for you. Keep following. Keep trusting….rely on God. Consult God. God can help you more than you can ever imagine. Now, hightail it off your butt and do something!

I and Thou – Lean on Me

God is so proud of you. God is pleased with your willingness to follow Him. Will you go where God leads? God wants you to think outside of the box, and wants you to look beyond what seems to be real to what may appear to be unreal. God wants you to look at opportunities that will stretch you. Stretch your confidence and stretch your faith. How about following God for a while? God will lead you. Just keep following. He will open doors that you can’t even dream. God wants to ease your burdens and wants you to take a deep breath and lean on the special people in your life. Blog_Pic10They can take it. God has built them up for you. They will gain the strength needed for you to lean upon. Their heart is in the right place. Remember that. The special people in your life want the best for you. God wants you to be happy in all that you do. Isn’t that what you want? Of course, it is. God knows that you want to be satisfied. To feel life. To feel joy. To feel love. God also knows your deepest yearnings – for more spontaneity – more adventure. Remember to be more active. Take walks. Go to parks. Stroll craft and street fairs. And, maybe it is time to plan a few days at the beach. For now, keep your eyes focused on God. God will lead you, and you will go. What do you want? God wants you to find joy where you are – wherever that is.

I and Thou – Seek God’s Face

Be still my child and relax. All will be okay. You need not worry about the things of this world. Resolutions will come. You need to focus on what matter’s in life. Love. Love in all you do and say. Do not worry about the sins of other people. Do not worry about other people’s actions or words. They do not matter in God’s world. Blog_Pic9You need to focus on God and His sheep. God is not saying not to preach to lost sheep. God wants you not to waste energy on wolves. The wolves will see that you are God’s sheep and that you have God’s love in your heart. They see this in you when you speak with kind words. There is nothing wrong with asking for respect. Respect is essential, but it is not the be all end all. Jesus wasn’t respected, and it did make Him feel inferior. Jesus prayed for those who did not respect Him. Jesus wants the lost to be found, and God is the One who can change circumstances. Jesus pleads on your behalf. So, God wants you to keep in mind His presence. His presence will help guide you. Again, God will remind you to dig deep down to the depth of your soul to find the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is waiting for you to ask for guidance and wisdom. Remember God is the King of the Universe, so all else pales in comparison. Remember God will help you throughout today. God can control the weather, and He can control the outcomes of the day. Remember to seek God’s face and call upon His name. God’s name is powerful, and He can calm you. He calmed the sea; He can calm your sea of emotions. Respectfully listen to all who cross your path today. Keep calm and have a great day.

I and Thou Reflections – Focus on God


Be still so God can impart wisdom unto you. You are troubled. You seem to think that a home is what will satisfy you. That is not true. Only trusting in God can meet your needs. There is nothing wrong with wanting a lovely home and someone to share it with. But true love is just from God. God can only satisfy that hunger you have in your heart; the yearning to love; the desire to do what is right; the longing to help those in need. Listen to God’s words. People in your life are helping you see how strong you are. How full of courage and full of life and strength. You have an Blog_Pic8inordinate capacity for work. Now, God needs you to focus on Him. God wants to walk you through the next few days so you won’t feel so stressed and scattered. Focus on your mission. Focus on the mission of others. Are they guided by biblical principles? Remember all of the details. This is your strength. You need to worry less and hear God more. God promises to work all of this out for you. You need to be prepared and to pray for wisdom. If what you are planning is meant to be, you will be guided by the Holy Spirit the entire way. Even if this is not in God’s plan, God will still be walking beside you. Remember that God is with you always and cares very much about you and how you feel about your work. Together, you and God can make this happen; maybe a new job, a new place to live or new people to meet. Keep smiling. God is waiting!

I and Thou Reflections – God Adores You

Blog_Pic7God really needs you to focus on Him.   Once you lose your focus, it is hard for you to accomplish all God has planned for you. Your head is spinning; yet God promises to take care of you.  God will meet all of your needs. Trust God. God knows you find it hard to trust. Most people do. God knows you are uniquely designed.  You have a great deal of love in your heart and you accept people as they are. You need to continue accepting and loving people; even if they annoy you. God’s love needs to shine through you – so you need to start thinking like Him.

Prepare yourself for new opportunities. God will be here to hear you.  God will be here to guide you. Your job right now is to take each day as it comes.

God appreciates you  quieting yourself so you can hear Him. Once you get the hang of this, it will be more simple.  God is glad  you are resting in Him.  It is hard for people to rest in God. People are on the go with lots of places to be. Even though God can read your mind – God want you to seek Him out. You need to humble yourself and ask for forgiveness when you do wrong. And, ask for healing when you feel ill.

God remembers the details. He can remember everything. Nothing escapes Him. He has the power to forgive and forget all that is evil. Are you burning with lust or are you burning with love? Do you think God really cares about the difference? The one thing about marriage is – it is a covenant. It is an agreement that you have made with another person in the presence of God. It is a very serious promise. And, God knows you tried as best as you could to preserve your marriage. You tried counseling and books, and all types of words and actions; yet nothing was good enough to change a hard heart.   God wants for you to do what is right. God will reveal to you what He wants you to do. God specializes in dreams you know.  His dream for you right now is to have peace and joy in your heart. Stay quiet so God can send you peace and joy;  love that radiates through your whole body. A love that cleanses the pain; the pain from the unknown. The pain from the future; the pain from the present and the pain from the past. Bow your heard in reverence and pray for your children. Pray for all the children of the world. Think more globally. Think of a worldly cause and pay more attention to the global economy. There is a huge world out there and God wants you to start tasting it piece by piece. Let God nurture you. Let God love you. Let God adore you for you. God loves and accepts you for who you are who you were and who you will become. God will provide you with the energy you will need in the next few days. Remember to take time to listen. Remember God can stop time. So, please don’t worry about running out of time. God knows that you do worry about running out of time. And, that you are not good enough. YOU are good enough. You are perfect. You are God’s perfect child.  God doesn’t make mistakes.

I and Thou Reflections – Let God Navigate Today

Blog_Pic6You are a busy person. You really can’t sit still can you? You rise in the morning and make breakfast and make tonight’s meal. Then, you go online to check all of your emails. Then, you stumble to grab a cup of coffee and then decide to still your heart and your mind to commune with God, even if it is after your morning routine. God thanks you for taking time to listen.  To trust. And, to embrace.  To feel loved.  Comforted. God wants you to continue seeking His will because He will direct your ways. Let Him control your life. God may send you to faraway places and let your love shine through to people who need a warm smiling trusting face. That is you. Someone whom God has molded. Someone who seeks His face. His direction. His wisdom. You are ready now to embark on a journey. A journey to an unknown place. It could be down the street – it could be around the corner or it could be in another country. Wherever God takes you – you know that you will go. So, be open to God’s direction and keep all of your options open. God will put the pieces of the puzzle together for you so you need not have to worry or stress about what comes next. Listen quietly and God will direct you. It is challenging to close your mind off from the sounds of life; the airplane in the sky above, a car driving down the street, someone blowing their horn, the birds chirping their songs. There are a lot of distractions – but there is also the promise; the promise of God’s love through these sounds. God loves all the people in the airplanes that fly in the sky. God loves the driver of the car that is blowing the horn and God created every single bird in the universe to sing sweet songs so all people can enjoy listening to them. You see, when you pay attention to the details you will see extraordinary evidence of God’s love; God’s love for everything that He created.  God created all of these wonderful things for you to enjoy. That is part of the abundant living that your hear about. Except God’s doesn’t really involve financial matters. God’s treasure for you is love. It is the love that surrounds you in this universe – the love that walks by each and every day; the eyes that look or glance swiftly at you; the smiles that people make. All of these wonderful expressions are expressions of God’s love.  Think of this love today. Everywhere you go, see life through God’s eyes.  See the depth of God’s love in all creation. Pay attention to the destruction that humankind has done to earth.  Feel deeply the pain that God feels when He sees the children who aren’t being taken care of, or the homeless person that just doesn’t get a break, or the woman that looks rich on the outside yet burns with pain of loneliness on the inside. You, have been created for many purposes. One of which is your warm smile.  Lovingly smile at every person you see today.  Do this with reverence to God. This will be your prayer to God today. Look each person in the eyes warmly and deeply and see where that will take you today.  Remember to be patient in all you do and say today. Now, go get dressed and get on with your day.  God will bless you if you allow it.

[Today, I feel the presence of God speaking to me about God’s authority.  Presence.  Being.  Spiritual Guide.  Director.  To use personal pronouns of He/She does not capture the Spirit of God.  As in the Gospel of John, ….”1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.”  Here, we see God is Word both literally and figuratively.  How do you address this?]

I and Thou Reflections – Commune with God in Joy and Sorrow and Everything In-Between

Prayer:  I know you are not a God of chaos. Help me remain calm and full of your peace. It is challenging to remain calm in the middle of a storm. Yet, I remember how the disciples were worried and had fear in the middle of the storm in the middle of ferocious water. You calmed the sea. You brought peace and calmness to a stormy situation. Now, I ask that you bring me peace and joy that comes from knowing you and hearing your voice. I feel so blessed to hear your voice and have you walk with me through life. You are my constant companion; one that never leaves nor forsakes. I thank you for being the God of the universe and the God of my heart – the God I call friend.

Listen quietly as God tells you to continue to trust Him and make Him your priority. Work is good to have. SomethinBlog_Pic5g to do to earn a living; however, real peace and real satisfaction comes from trusting and walking with God, day by day.  God is there for you to depend on.  Where ever you are, God is there.  God has never left nor has He forsaken you. Although you may have thought that from time to time, it is not true. God has been here right beside you through the good and through the bad. God has helped you when you have asked for His help. God has not ignored you when you have ignored Him. God waits patiently each day to answer your questions and to have a quiet time with you. Many people ask God to help them in time of crisis. God invites you to seek Him out in times of love, joy and peace – just to commune with Him each day. God dwells within. To dwell within all people who hear His voice.   Listen.  Can you hear it?



I and Thou Reflection – Hear God’s Gentle Nudge

Blog_Pic4Don’t ignore God today. God knows you are running late and you think that it matters in the scheme of life. Let God tell you a secret – it doesn’t. Whether you are late or not – it doesn’t really matter. Now, sometimes it is important to be on time – for example to church – this way you can pay your dues and leave on time. Maybe you go to church because you feel obligated to go. Do you really worship God?  You find it difficult to worship God because there are many distractions in this life. You are worried about your kids fitting in socially – so you sign them up for sports. That is just one example of you putting your needs before  Church. If you really knew the reason for going to church – maybe you would actually go more often. You see – God wants to be your friend. And in church, this is where God connects to you because you don’t communicate with Him the rest of the week. What God wants is to share His love and He can do that in church but only if you open yourself to allow the connection. It is very difficult for you to sit still and feel God’s presence. You have to shut down your human mind that is swirling around with idle thoughts.

The key is to think divinely – something supernatural – after all God invented the natural and the supernatural. God is humble;  yet he feels that you think of Him as this majestic God of the universe seeking to overthrow the power of the world to reign supreme. It really isn’t like that at all. What God really wants is for the earth to go back to the beginning of time so there can have a “do over”. This time, there will be no sin. Eve will be strong and have courage to say “no” to the serpent. Both Cain and Abel will work together and bring both types of sacrifices and God will bless each of them. Moses will gladly accept his mission and he will speak eloquently and the Jews will take the short cut to the promise land. Then, all Jews and gentiles will live in peace in the land of milk and honey. And, Jonah won’t have to run away because the people in Nineveh will be godly people.

You are slowly listening and hearing God.  God promises when you trust and listen to Him – great things will happen.  Remember God is your heavenly Father and everyone else can wait. God needs you to remember His priorities.  God loves you and He wants you to practice what you preach -– you are slowly transforming your thinking and God wants you to continue to be open to Him, His thoughts and His gentle nudging. God wants to bring you to places where you want to go – however, it needs to be done God’s way which requires patience, grace, love and hope. You have these virtues although God knows you need to work on patience. You have the rest of your life to be patient. To listen. To hear. Only His sheep hears His voice. And, you are His sheep that needs to find lost sheep and bring them home. It is a huge task but if you trust God – He will be right beside you as you find and minister to them. Trust God. Keep your mind focused on the cross. On God.  On love. On forgiveness. On healing. God has great plans for you –  please take a deep breath, try to relax and let the spirit dwell within you. God wants this spirit to guide you and your thinking. Are you up for this? God will help you along the way. Now, please be calm and remember God’s love in all you do and say today.