I and Thou – Change is Coming

Jesus. Sweet Jesus.

Here you are in the middle of God’s beautiful creation –

Relax as bestblog_pic32 as you can. God is here to refresh. Keep God in your mind and thoughts and call upon God’s son, Jesus, Sweet Jesus. You are going to have some changes in your life. Here they come. God has prepared you your whole life for the transition ahead. This year, you will meet people – God’s people. People who call upon the name of Jesus, Lord, Savior. Rest in the knowledge that God is with you. God knows your heart, and God sees the heart of every person you will meet this year. Use your communication skills that you keep buried and try to remember what you can stay true to yourself. Embrace new people, new friends, new community. Change is good.

I and Thou – Life is Short

Life takes you in many different directions. Seasons come and go, and the human developmental process moves forward. Taking care of elderly parents is a stage blog_pic31of life that we go through. One parent may need help or nursing care and then the other. Elderly parents have years and years of material stuff that needs to be weeded through. Homes, where they have been for years, need to be sold. Senior housing or assisted living options need to be explored. Then, days, weeks, years go by and then illness followed by passing from this earth. Life. Death. We learn through this process that life is precious. Life is short.

How do we balance parents, children, work, and other activities? God leads you through transitions. You have a lot to offer. Use your knowledge wisely. Each decision made is a growth experience. Every situation you have been in – you have learned from. Leave the worrying to God. If God wants you to be somewhere, God will open the doors for you. Follow where God leads, and the rest will fall into place.

I and Thou – Heed the Voice

God knows it is hard to follow the right path. The heavenly direction does not make sense from a worldly perspective. God knows those who hear and seek to emulate. Has the Holy Spirit ever prompted you to do something unusual? One time, I had the distinct nudge to open my wallet and give all the cash I had to a Nun at a check-out line at a Walmart in Morristown, NJ. The cashier thought I was nuts. It is these quiet moments when God calls – it is soBlog_Pic29 important to listen. Giving is important. God gave freely. God gave Jesus to the world. Jesus gave freely. Jesus gave wine at the wedding feast. Jesus gave healing to the blind. Jesus gave peace to the demonic. Jesus brought life back to Lazarus. Jesus healed the person with paraplegia.

In everyday life, you can encourage and support people in seeking the light of God’s presence. Maybe in the moment and maybe in a moment decades or generations from now. God’s light shines through humanity; yet, it is difficult to explain. You can agree, God is hard to define. Although God’s divinity is a mystery, you are deeply connected. God cares. God understands. Do you have a sense of peace, joy, and comfort? God is a Father. A heavenly Father. A caring, loving Father who wants to protect His children. Jesus was His messenger. Jesus is the one who walked the earth and experienced pain, humiliation, betrayal, peace, and salvation. Jesus was resurrected to redeem humankind. One day all will see that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. All of this shall pass. And all those who bow down to the glory of the Father will have salvation and eternal life. Those who reject God will be forever separated. What a glorious day it will be when all who accept God’s grace will become one with God! Accept God into your life today and still yourself and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, say, “You are mine.”

I and Thou – Rest in God’s Arms

You worry too much. You are fine – perfect in God’s eyes. You have been created in God’s image. Flawless. Whatever thorns that are in your side are there for a reason. Someday it will be all clear. For now – rest in God’s arms. Commit your mind and body to God. Follow God where you are led. Your body is telling you to relax. Rest!

Blog_Pic28Take time for you. Take time to experience all the beautiful things life has to offer. Romantic dinners, walks in parks, picnic lunches. Use your money wisely and use it to enjoy and have fun. Horseback riding, mini-golf or hit some golf balls at a range. You need to take more breaks. It will help with eye strain and backaches. It is good for your health, and it is good to commune with God in your fun. God created life for enjoyment – you have suffered from demons, and you need to break free from their chains and rethink the purpose of life. Balance. Yes, it is good to serve others…to help the poor and needy. It is also good to take breaks. Remember the word, balance.

I and Thou – The Gift of Time

Christmas time. Holiday gatherings. Gifts. Christmas can be stressful; especially when your heart is larger than your pocketbook. You wrestle with the premise of gift-giving, and you wrestle with materialism. How do you find the right balance for your family? Consider the gift of time. Time to write a note. Time to write a poem. Time to make a hand-made gift.Blog_Pic27

During this holiday season, surround yourself with people who love you. You may not be a millionaire; yet, God knows you feel like a million bucks when you are spending time with family and friends. You will not be judged for not having the “perfect” gift. The “perfect” gift is presence…not presents! And, for family members who cannot be present for the holidays, give them grace. Wish them well. Love them from afar.

God wants you to keep your mind open to new ideas and new beginnings. Use this holiday season to refresh. Pause. Take a moment to reflect on where you have been, where you are now and what the future may hold. Whether you stay in your hometown or are led to a new and exotic place, God will be with you. God will guide you. Say, “Yes!” God is in you, and you are in God. God wants to give you the gift of time. You deserve to take a break and work on something uplifting…that will fill your heavenly basket.

I and Thou – Lend a Helping Hand

Be still, GOD knows it is so difficult to listen. With the many conversations that take place in your head, it is hard to differentiate the good from the bad. Or the positive from the harmful. Evil seeks to continuously devour the mind. Lurking in every nook and cranny because evil seeks to steal you from God. You need to be aware of this and denounce evil ways and thoughts. It is your choice. Remember that God is love and God is the great “I am.” God is all things positive. Keep that in mind. It is God’s love that shines through your smile and your eyes. Share this with others. God creates all humans with uniqueness – a set of gifts. The end game is to use these gifts, (skills and abilities), for God’s glory. Although it may sound a bit presumptuous and conceited – God speaks to you in all humbleness. God is the glory. God is King. God is eternal. God’s name will be glorified – it will not be insulted or mocked. Blog_Pic26

What exactly is glory? Glory is a misunderstood word. Glory is a delight. Glory is praise. To glorify God is to show love to one another. It is to lend a helping hand when needed. Digging wells. Planting sustainable crops. Feeding the hungry. Clothing the poor. Rescuing children from abuse. Adopting orphans. The list goes on. God seeks to fill you with love. With energy. With compassion. Go, and glorify God today!

I and Thou – Find Peace

You feel shocked when coworkers or loved ones lose their jobs.  You feel anxious.  You do not feel peace at all.  Be vigilant.  Don’t succumb to the world of chaos.  God is not a God of confusion.  It is human nature to worry, to be anxious and to fear.  Yet, God says, fear not! (Isaiah 41:10). God seeks to fill you with peace.  A sense of peace that is incomprehensible.

Blog_Pic25God wants you to feel peace.  God can do miraculous wonders.  Keep the faith.  Rest your body.  Think more clearly.  See the light.  God’s light.  The sun will shine.  Be creative.  God wants to you explore new ideas.  Think differently.  Dwell on what can be and not what is.  You are a work in progress.  God is molding the clay, and the vessel has not been completed.  God loves you and is providing support and encouragement.  Walk beside God.  Receive God.  Be reverent.  God knows you are struggling.  God is the peacemaker.  God is the healer.  Trust God.  And, be worry-free! 

I and Thou – Free to Follow God

God wants time with you. God wants to fill you will peace. It is difficult to rest the mind and let God in. All you need to do is ask and receive. God’s peace is for everyone. Go in the name of the Lord and be healed. Healed from worry, fear, and anxiety.

Blog_pic24Remember, God is the author of your destiny. So relax, be at peace and be free. Free to follow God. Give all your cares to God because God is the creator. Each person is designed to yearn for God with the ability to open their heart. Many reject God; yet, goes after each lost sheep and is saddened when a sheep turns away.

God is your life and sustenance. Whoever believes in God will be cared for. God carried you many times and will continue to do so.  Go in peace and remember to be of good cheer. You are God’s light and God’s love. Fill your heart with love and compassion. And, share God’s good news!

I and Thou – Grateful!

Are you anxious? Waiting to hear back from an employment application? Waiting to be called for an interview? Waiting for a new job offer? A marriage proposal? A baby? Publishing contract? You need to have patience. You need to be grateful. Grateful your bills are being paid. Thankful for food on the table. Grateful for a roof over your head. Thankful for safe drinking water. You do not need more right now. Be grateful for what you have.

Blog_Pic23God knows that you want peace. Less drama. And, more space. Different space. Fresh air. Relaxation. Freedom from anxiety. To be closer to God. Wherever you are. Whether or not you are in a peaceful place. You have learned that you can quiet your mind and enter God’s presence. You can be close to God where ever you are. All you need to do is focus, and create a space to commune with God. Communion requires discernment. Discerning what thoughts are Gods, which ones are yours and perhaps other people too! Choose to open your mind and your heart to God. Trust God. Ask questions. God hears you. It takes faith to trust God. It takes more faith to feel God’s presence. Still yourself. Open yourself. Seek God with a grateful heart.

I and Thou – Be the Light!

God values your relationship. God is with you and walks with you day by day. You have been given certain traits and abilities. You are unique. You have been placed on this earth to serve different needs – to be a rock. To be a rock for other women. For men. For children. For young adults. Your colleagues admire you. You have integrity. You are dependable. You are accountable. You follow directions. You have the gift of knowing when to take direction and when to give guidance. This is one of your greatest assets. In human resources terminology, you have KSA’s. (knowledge, skills, and abilities). Do you know what yours are?

In today’Blog_Pic22s world, God wants you to be a light. God wants you to light a path for other people. God’s word is a lamp for your feet and a light on your path. (Psalm 119:105). You become light through introspection. Take inventory. What are your strengths? What do you excel at? What comes easily to you? Are you creative? Are you contextual? Do you have a focus? Do you relate well to others? Are you light? Or, are you darkness? Do you walk on the dark road? Do you have secrets? Do you tell lies? Do you humiliate? Are you disrespectful? Are your stagnant? Or, do you desire personal growth? It is your decision. Choose the light because you deserve to  grow. You deserve to flourish. You deserve to glow.  Let God’s light shine through you. Let God illuminate your path. Let God direct you. Surrender yourself to God and let God soak you with light. Be bright. Be brilliant. Shine. Be the Light!