I and Thou – Good Spirit

God knows you want to do it all, but you can’t. Relax and go to God. Talk. Commune. Blog_Pic20In the depth of your soul. Dig deep through the rubble so you can experience God’s light. God’s glory. The sunshine that warms your soul and spirit – that is God! The difference between your soul and your spirit is hard to explain. Your soul is what you are born with. Every human being has a soul. Even the most unlikely people. The spirit is different! The spirit is God’s connection with you. The spirit can be from God or the evil one. The Holy Spirit is God. The evil dark spirit is from the evil one. There is a lot of evil in this world. More than anyone really can comprehend. Evil is everywhere. And, so is God.

God’s spirit is good. It is light. It is refreshing. It is calming. The evil spirit is dark. It is not good. It takes away energy. You are experiencing God’s spirit as you read these words and you are experiencing the inner wisdom that God has given you. You are experiencing the calming of your soul through God’s spirit. When you are more relaxed, calmer, you have more energy. A lightness in your step. And, then you begin to see people through God’s eyes.

So many people seek worldly materialism.  Do you?  Know that one day you will live in a mansion – a heavenly mansion where the streets are paved in gold and gemstones. Forget things.  Remember the Creator of the Universe.  In this world, you need to focus on the present. Living each day to glorify God. God knows it may seem that you are living on the edge and you have no security; you need to know that you are secure – secure in God’s love. Doors will open in the most unlikely places. Keep your options open and pray for guidance.  Say “yes” to God!

I and Thou – Pain of Estrangement

The Pain of Estrangement

Mother and eldest son estranged
Since the divorce.

Mother sent gifts first Christmas
Father returned them unopened.

Mother doesn’t understand why
Father doesn’t talk to mother either.

Mother feels betrayed, shamed and disrespected
Father feels in control, full of power.

Mother fights the tears away
Father delights in seeing his son.

Mother hasn’t seen son in years
Father sees him regularly.

Mother moved 5 times in 6 years
Father moved none.

Mother, uncle, and grandmother shunned at graduation
Father and other grandparents celebrated with the son.

Mother’s mother passed away
The eldest son was unresponsive.

Mother watched college graduation through live stream
Father flew to witness and celebrate.

Mother has no address for son
Father doesn’t share information.

Mother loves a child unconditionally
Father loves a child unconditionally.

Then, why does the Father
Keep the Mother away?

I and Thou – You are not Worthless

You were and are not Worthless

You were not worthless
because you were molested as a child.

You were not worthless
because you were date raped in college.

You were not worthless
because you married a man, who lost his love for you.

You were not worthless
because your husband sought to financially destroy you.

You were not worthless
because you needed to protect vulnerable children.

You were not worthless
because your husband alienated your child from you.

You were not worthless
because you worked four jobs to pay bills.

You were not worthless
because you brought enormous and abundant value to so many.

You were not worthless
because actions had consequences.

You were not worthless
because you were kind, gentle, and compassionate.

You were not worthless
because you were responsible, a good communicator and role-model advisor.

You were not worthless
because you loved to teach, coach and mentor.

You were not worthless
because actions caused visible, invisible, and physical reactions.

You were not worthless
because your words were meaningful and profoundly insightful.

You were not worthless
because you would never stop talking to someone no matter what the circumstances were.

You were not worthless
because you love with a never-ending love.

You were not worthless
because you could whip up a gourmet meal on a moment’s notice.

You were not worthless
because you achieved the goals, you set for yourself.

You were not worthless
because you had grit and an abominable spirit.

You were not worthless
because you overcame many trials and tribulations

You were not worthless
because you placed other’s needs above your own.

You were not worthless
because you overcame.

You were not worthless
because you forgave those, who needed forgiveness.

You are not worthless
because you are a child of the almighty creator of the universe.

I and Thou – Stillness

Stillness is a place where you and God can commune. The messages or words you hear from God is your inner voice. It is the deep, deep place within your soul; where God is…in every human. Go ahead and take the time to dig down and ask for God’s presence and wisdom. Blog_Pic19God is eagerly waiting for your invitation. God is here for all. Every single human being. Sometimes God is dormant, and sometimes God is very much alive. It is dependent on the relationship that you want to have with God. Do you want God to be dormant or active? If you choose alive, then you will need to be still. Quiet. And, listen. Listen to the words of God.

God values you. God values the relationships that you have. God wants you to have friends, and he wants you to have a mentor. A guide. A spiritual cheerleader. Do you have a friend that is a definite inspiration? How about someone who encourages you? People are placed in our lives to fulfill many purposes such as love, peace, and calmness. Seize the day and reach out to a friend today!

I and Thou – Seek God’s Face

Blog_Pic18Go to God with all your decisions. Each and every one of them. You need to realize that God is the giver of life. The giver of word. The giver of connections. The giver of networking. If you continue to seek God’s face and presence – you will receive clear direction. You no longer have to worry about decisions. God is your decision maker. Fully trust God. Fully allow God to intervene and bring you prosperity. Love. Treasure. You are learning what really matters most in life. People. Love. Now go figure out a way to put all those pieces together. Keep an open mind and keep God at the forefront. God will lead people to you. You need to relax, be yourself. Be confident in God. Be confident in yourself. You are God’s child. God is big. You will do great things. Keep allowing God to direct you. This is the peace that God gives. God freely gives to all those who hear God’s voice. Be still. Listen. Keep hearing and listening. Breathe deeply. Breathe the love that is in this world. Breathe it all in. God’s love. God’s direction. Keep seeking God’s face. In all you do.

I and Thou – Tap into the Wisdom

Blog_Pic17You need to trust God 100 percent. Every day. All the time. Go to God with all the decisions of your life. How simple or complex that they are, God will guide you through each and every one of them. You need to tap into the wisdom in your soul and use it more frequently. This will reduce fear and worry.

Marriage. It complicates lives and takes time away from having a relationship with God. With that said, God created you to be with a helpmate. Yet, you may have no choice other than taking a courageous leap of faith in leaving an abusive marriage. Anger management issues are real. And, they are generational. When loved ones are ready to “own” the anger issues, they will be able to clearly see what you have done for them. You often leave a marriage so your children will have a greater chance of a stronger and happier one. As children mature, they come to the realization that abuse destroys marriages and we hope someday they will understand the sacrifices may have been with their future in mind. Don’t forget to tap into the inner wisdom of your soul. This is where God lives.

There is a change in your horizon coming. Your destiny is to complete the projects you are working on. You have many talents, and you need to use them for God’s glory. Be open to what God has in store for you. Sometimes, you need to believe. Believe in God. Trust God. God will fulfill the desires of your heart. The impossible becomes possible.

I and Thou – God is the “I am”

Take time. Breathe. Commune with God. God looks forward to your times together. Can you feel God’s peace? IBlog_Pic16t is inside of you. You have the power to do what God directs you to do. You have the ability because the power comes from the Holy Spirit who dwells within you. God knows it is hard to focus when there is so much chaos in the air. Breathe. Stay calm and stay in control. And, know that God is the “I am.” You are a winner. You are blessed. You are God’s child. Remember in the scheme of life – God is all that matters. Not partner, children or work. God is your family. God is your life. God is your breath. God is the “I am.” God is truth. And, God is life.

You are beginning to wrap your head around God. God’s life. God’s conscience. God’s spirit. Where ever you are you can reach out and obtain inner peace. Tranquility. Love. Calmness. All you have to do is call. Jesus. Sweet Jesus and God will hear. God will be there for you. For your family. For your children. God is not going anywhere. But here. God will stay with you for as long as you would like God to remain because God dwells within you. God can bring you peace. God can bring you all sorts of emotions. Let’s concentrate on love. Love for God. Respect for yourself. Love for the whole world. The love God has for you God has for each person in the entire world. Can you fathom that? Some people live their lives and never hear God. So sad. All people have to do is to listen. Listen to God’s voice. God’s sheep hear God. Life is so much better when you follow God’s voice. The voice of truth. The voice of wisdom. The voice of power. The voice of glory and the voice of grace. You saw the man today again. Same cold stare he gave you. God saw him too. Continue to look him in the eye and smile. You don’t know what he is going through. God knows. And you need to continue to smile and look at him. You are ministering to him with your smile. He is sensing God’s love but doesn’t really know how to respond right now. That is for God to worry about – not you. Your job is to shine God’s love through you. Keep the faith. Keep smiling. Keep being positive. Keep feeling confident and empowered. God is enabling you to do what you need to do. God knows that you are sensing that power. You are embracing the power. Be gentle. It is a gift that needs to be slowly opened. Carefully, gently without breaking a bone or a muscle or heart. Pierce with your eyes – yet shines God’s love. Smile with warmth from the sun. Your face will beam. It will be radiant to those who need it to be radiant. Keep smiling at strangers. They are all God’s children. See. You are beginning to see the world through God’s eyes. God is taking you on a journey, and God is so glad that you are following and that you are excited about sharing the love. Big things are in store for you. Keep the faith. Keep the love. Keep dreaming.  God is the “I am” in you.

I and Thou – Be a Giver

Blog_Pic15Money. Are you learning to let go of money? Is it yours to keep? Or, is it intended to be used for God’s glory? When you give abundantly, you will become less anxious. Have faith. Keep the courage. Your willpower comes from within. We all know that money is necessary. It provides a sense of security. However, this is really not true. The only safety you need is God’s love. And, God is telling you to trust. Be generous. Don’t feel begrudged. Don’t give grudgingly. Be a cheerful giver. Don’t leave money laying around. God entrusts finances to you. Cast your worries on God. Let God do the worrying for you. You need to trust. Trust God and trust yourself. You are strong, and you have been equipped with finance skills gained through your work experiences. Be confident. Be bold. Be generous. And, if you are in a low place right now, smile. A smile goes a long way. Everyone has something to give!

I and Thou – The Gift of Peace

God is so glad you are here. God cares about you. He seeks to bring you peace. Are you a parent? God designed parents to love their children and encourage them and to supply their needs and to build character and to be a blessing. Each child in this world needs to know that they are a blessing. A blessing. A gift. A gift from God. No child should ever feel they are a burden. Even when one parent does not feel they are ready to be a parent, Blog_Pic14that parent needs to rejoice and celebrate the creation of life in the womb. No partner deserves to be called names. No partner deserves blame. No partner deserves to feel alienated. Alienated from love. Estranged from children.

Mothers and Fathers have an obligation to their children to love them unconditionally and to be good role models. If you have young children, spend quality time with them. Read. Tell stories. Play in the bath.  Give them time. As children grow, they will need more space. Continue to love them. Be there when they need you. Lean on God when your children are not physically with you. Reach out to them by phone. Tell them how much you love them. God wants you to have peace. Peace for you. Peace for your children. Peace for your marriage. Or, peace for your divorce.

I and Thou: God Thanks You Too!

Blog_Pic12You are sensing a feeling of relief. You are beginning to calm down. You are less anxious. God’s senses you are starting to trust Him more and more. That is a good thing. God wants you to take time to dig deep within yourself and listen to your very own words of wisdom. Wisdom from God; the Holy Spirit that dwells within all of His sheep. Those children who hear my voice are those who are blessed with the Holy Spirit. Just like when God the Father blessed Jesus and sent the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. That is when Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit. Now, God gives that Holy Spirit to you. To anyone who hears His voice. It is not easy to listen to God’s voice. There is so much chaos in the world. And, you know that God is a God of order. God designed everything within the framework of systems. Each system has been intrinsically designed. Every detail and spec of light and mass has been generated by God. The smallest molecule to the smallest atom – all have been designed by God. And, each operates within a complex system.

God knows that you have a new opportunity on your mind. You are His child and a child of change. You really don’t like to keep doing the same thing over and over. You love change. You embrace change, and you want to do something different. You need to complete the projects you are working on. Before you do anything else, you must finish what you have started. Buying the home. Writing the book. The remodeling project. Catching up with old friends. God wants you to finish. Listen to Him. Rest in knowing that He will direct your ways.

Are you ready to move on? The light is becoming brighter at the end of the tunnel. Blog_Pic13Human nature is petty. Human nature wants to cast an eye for an eye. What does God say? Love your neighbors. Do unto them what you would want them to do to you. Simple, right? Yet, so very hard to actually do. All over the world people lash out and want revenge. They get angry, and harbor that anger and remain bitter for so long. This is not God’s way. God’s way is truth and love. You have been truthful, and you need not be concerned with this world. The world values ungodly things. Keep your mind focused on God. Do you fall into the ways of the world? The world does not know God’s divine nature. You do, and you need to share that love and divine nature with all you encounter. You need to continue to smile and look at people – pierce them with your eyes. Look deeply into people’s souls and fill God’s love through your eyes onto them. Remember you don’t know what they think, but God does. God knows each and every thought from each and every person on this planet. God dwells within every aspect of life itself. God is life. God is truth, and God is love. Many people don’t get that. They think with their heads up their ass. God is simple. God desires simplicity. God wants communion. Communion with the life He created. You. God thanks you for community with Him. You have blessed God. And, God knows that this is very hard for you to grasp… God thanking you. Sounds weird, right? God knows that you have praised Him consistently for the goodness in your life. You have thanked Him for food, for shelter, for your children. You have even thanked God for not so good things. You thanked God when you were going through your divorce. Death of a loved one. A serious illness. And, you were angry with God. And, God was angry with you. But God continued to love you. Do you continue to love people when they are angry at you? Let’s try this week to love divinely and to accept God’s thankfulness with new eyes.