I and Thou Reflection – New Thinking


It’s hard for you to stop your busy life to listen to God. God wants you to keep trying and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t. Keep your eyes and ears on God. Listen carefully and God will speak so you can listen. He wants you to concentrate on living in the present. In all you do give thanks. Give thanks that you are learning great lessons for life. This year especially is going to be about change.  Don’t ask questions – trust God…

God knows you are not feeling well.  Trust God to heal you.  God is the healer – nothing is too large or too small for Him. Enter into His presence and experience love, grace and truth. Splendor is the word God chooses to describe eternal life. You will have perfect teeth and a perfect body that has no aches or pains. Your mind will think clearly and not have pain or pressure from life’s ills; you my dear need to change your thinking. Yes, God wants you to continue to be honest – work hard and do what you need to do – but don’t make it make you sick.  You have worked very hard the past few years – so keep that in mind when you force yourself to take breaks at work.  Breaks are good.  Trust God on this. Test God. God is truth and He is faithful – Now get on with your day with a new type of thinking.

I and Thou Reflection – Out of the Whirlwind


Jesus died on the cross so that people don’t have to get hung up on laws or rules, if you will. His grace is sufficient. People spend their whole lives working toward being good, following the rules of society and what is in their heart—which may not be the truth.

Church is not truth. Marriage is not truth. Only God is truth. You need to open your heart to receive God. And when you do, God reveals truth. Only God. Not lawyers. Not man. God’s commandment is to love one another. Focus on love and you will find truth. The inner spirit within you is God. So, be quiet and listen to Him.

God is not a control freak. He wants you to live abundantly in His love. You can’t understand the divine with a human mind. God has chosen you to reflect His love.  God wants you to focus on love. Love that is super human. God wants the whole world to know that you did not endure your pain for nothing. Your pain and suffering will lead people to God.

You need to listen more carefully to God’s nudges— God wants you to write His messages down on paper. Will you do that for Him?

God has given you talent and perseverance to do what you want to do. God will open doors that are unimaginable for you.  God can’t reveal the future to you—God wants you to rest assure that you will be in the palm of His hands. God will lead you and I know that you will follow.

You have a great opportunity each day at your work. Make them be rememberable. Stop complaining and praise God for employment. You have good health right now—be thankful that God has kept you from harm. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Look to God—look up—ahead—He will be there—all you have to do is follow. Trust God—He is your heavenly Father.

Earthly relationships are full of baggage and parents inflict wounds upon their children without realization. They mean no harm. But you —you have been blessed with an openness to God and you seek His wisdom. Continue to seek God’s wisdom.

God has sent you many angels to assist you with your thinking and decision making.  Treasure them.  Love them.  Be strong.  Be a rock.    Learn to trust God and fear less. The enemy is constantly fighting.  Release your fear to God.

Remember life on earth is limited—life with God is eternal.  Rid yourself of all the bitterness in your heart. Yes—you were wronged. But how could others come to God without the pain you suffered? Keep your mind and heart focused on God. There is a greater purpose for all of that pain. God will meet your worldly needs.

In all you do, give thanks. It’s okay to question God. He loves questions. It’s okay to doubt His existence.  He can sometimes hardly explain it himself. —But what God can tell you is that He is your heavenly Father and Jesus rolled up in One. One that is truth. One that is responsible for your existence. He is mighty. He is gentle. He is truth. He is love.

Now—get on with your day, remembering to be thankful and lighthearted. Think clearly and be calm. Smile with love in your heart. The love that God has put there is for those close to you to enjoy. And for those afar to see His presence within you.



This is the dawning of a new day…where you will find God.

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