I and Thou: Ode to the Llama

Ode to the Llama

Listening quietly to the stillness of the night,
his slender, long legs nestle underneath his body.

Searching for the soft wool of his llama friend,
his long neck extends outward, nuzzling to find a place to lay his head.

Content and feeling safe in his herd,
sleeping soundly and waking refreshed.

The sunshine kisses him with a warm glow,
he is ready to start the day.

His charisma charms the ladies,
they find him loveable and easy to talk to.

Peace runs through his veins,
seeking harmony with all those around him.

Anxiety and stress cause him to hiss, spit, and kick,
as does intimidation and feeling threatened.

He settles down with a gentle word,
empathy oozes out of his heart.

Humans can be pretty similar to llamas,
yearning too for a kind and caring world.

Image Credit: freepik dot com