I and Thou – A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Dear God,

We are in different stages in our life journey, so we ask your help meeting us where we are.

Sit with us.

Hold our hand.

Listen to us.

Give us a hug.

Drink wine with us.

Share a meal with us.

The basics for sustenance. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Meats and baked breads.

We are thankful O Lord, for all you provide.

The foundation for spiritual nourishment. Holy scripture. Holy Spirit. A community of friends.

We are thankful O Lord, for all you provide.

Without you we are just a bag of bones. Brittle. Stale. Broken.

With you, Lord, we are caring souls. Resilient. Refreshed. Whole.

We are thankful O Lord, for all you provide.

We are thankful O Lord, for your infinite mercy and grace. May you shower us with your healing power. And let us remember to be grateful for what we have, not wishing for what we don’t have.

We are thankful O Lord, for all you provide.


Image Credit: https://wallpapercave.com/thanksgiving-cornucopia-wallpapers

I and Thou: Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Japanese cranes by CheetahArt on DeviantArt

Artist Website: http://alayaart.com

God of heaven and earth, hear our prayer…

Thank you for all the abundant blessings you bestow upon us…
Ability to gaze in the eyes of a newborn.
Majestic feeling of a dolphin jumping within arms reach.
Gracefulness of a crane walking nearby.
Muscles that kayak under tunnels of deep luscious green vines.
Active minds that enjoy playing games with family and friends.
Hands that built caves in Mesa Verde thousands of years ago.
Bountiful food prepared for family dinners.
Creativity expressed through birthday-themed celebrations.
Gentle breezes felt on a boat ride.
Feeling truly loved.

Instead of falling into the hype of the holiday season, what would it look like if you took a step back and pondered what really is essential to you? Is it to mend a relationship? To spend more time with your children? Your parents? Or is it to reach out to someone less fortunate who could really use a helping hand?

Let’s focus on more simple ways of celebrating the holidays in this season of Thanksgiving. Shall we?