I and Thou Reflection – Hear God’s Gentle Nudge

Blog_Pic4Don’t ignore God today. God knows you are running late and you think that it matters in the scheme of life. Let God tell you a secret – it doesn’t. Whether you are late or not – it doesn’t really matter. Now, sometimes it is important to be on time – for example to church – this way you can pay your dues and leave on time. Maybe you go to church because you feel obligated to go. Do you really worship God?  You find it difficult to worship God because there are many distractions in this life. You are worried about your kids fitting in socially – so you sign them up for sports. That is just one example of you putting your needs before  Church. If you really knew the reason for going to church – maybe you would actually go more often. You see – God wants to be your friend. And in church, this is where God connects to you because you don’t communicate with Him the rest of the week. What God wants is to share His love and He can do that in church but only if you open yourself to allow the connection. It is very difficult for you to sit still and feel God’s presence. You have to shut down your human mind that is swirling around with idle thoughts.

The key is to think divinely – something supernatural – after all God invented the natural and the supernatural. God is humble;  yet he feels that you think of Him as this majestic God of the universe seeking to overthrow the power of the world to reign supreme. It really isn’t like that at all. What God really wants is for the earth to go back to the beginning of time so there can have a “do over”. This time, there will be no sin. Eve will be strong and have courage to say “no” to the serpent. Both Cain and Abel will work together and bring both types of sacrifices and God will bless each of them. Moses will gladly accept his mission and he will speak eloquently and the Jews will take the short cut to the promise land. Then, all Jews and gentiles will live in peace in the land of milk and honey. And, Jonah won’t have to run away because the people in Nineveh will be godly people.

You are slowly listening and hearing God.  God promises when you trust and listen to Him – great things will happen.  Remember God is your heavenly Father and everyone else can wait. God needs you to remember His priorities.  God loves you and He wants you to practice what you preach -– you are slowly transforming your thinking and God wants you to continue to be open to Him, His thoughts and His gentle nudging. God wants to bring you to places where you want to go – however, it needs to be done God’s way which requires patience, grace, love and hope. You have these virtues although God knows you need to work on patience. You have the rest of your life to be patient. To listen. To hear. Only His sheep hears His voice. And, you are His sheep that needs to find lost sheep and bring them home. It is a huge task but if you trust God – He will be right beside you as you find and minister to them. Trust God. Keep your mind focused on the cross. On God.  On love. On forgiveness. On healing. God has great plans for you –  please take a deep breath, try to relax and let the spirit dwell within you. God wants this spirit to guide you and your thinking. Are you up for this? God will help you along the way. Now, please be calm and remember God’s love in all you do and say today.


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