I and Thou – Release Your Demons

Pay close attention to your heart and soul. There is a blockage. Release your demons. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. Hand over your emptiness and saBlog_Pic38dness to God. For that matter, hand over all of yourself to God because cynicism is real and prevents blessings. Let God mold you. Trust God. There is nothing to fear. God has been walking beside you your whole life. God gives you what you can handle – nothing more – nothing less. Open your heart and your mind. One day it will all make sense. Until then, go to God. Receive God’s, infinite love. Ask God to comfort you and to make you feel comfortable. God’s arms will embrace you with love and calmness. When you find that place within yourself, you will find peace. God will do a mighty work with you. Keep listening. Keep communing with God. God’s love is overflowing, and God can’t wait for you to choose to receive it. God’s presence is everywhere.  It is in your emptiness and depression. It is in your joy and celebration.  God is walking with you day by day. Walk humbly. Be kind. Go forth and spread God’s love.

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